Vielight Transcranial-Intranasal Devices

The category of transcranial-intranasal devices introduces a new level of technological sophistication and non-invasive approach to brain wellness. These unique wearables combine modern practical innovation and design and latest scientific research in photobiomodulation (PBM).

Vielight developed transcranial-inranasal devices for convenience and simplicity of use at home. These devices combine transcranial LED modules with an intranasal applicator for a more holistic approach to transcranial neurostimulation. Furthermore, this form of neurostimulation is the least invasive.

As all Vielight devices, the thranscranial-intranasal devices are classified and general wellness devices. Thus, they provide a noninvasive method to support brain’s wellness. Not the least important is one-button-operation incorporated in the design of Vielight devices. Safety and convenience of use have always been Vielight’s primary concern and priority. Therefore, these PBM devices are suitable for home use.

Furthermore, our website provides numerous articles and information about photobiomodulation (PBM) in general and about transcranial-intranasal devices specifically.