Systemic Photobiomodulation

X-Plus 3: Exponential Performance

Introducing the X-Plus 3 Whether you are seeking to improve mental performance (brain photobiomodulation) or body resilience and functions (systemic photobiomodulation), the X-Plus 3 on its own or in combination with a Neuro model will go a long way to help you. X-Plus 3 Components The X-Plus 3 consists of 4 main modules: [...]

X-Plus 3: Exponential Performance2023-01-01T20:24:39-05:00

What is Intranasal Systemic Photobiomodulation?

Home-use Photobiomodulation Device Treatment Outcomes for COVID-19: Results Pre-Print Intranasal systemic photobiomodulation is the utilization of light energy within the 620nm-750nm (red light) range on the electromagnetic spectrum to irradiate the capillary-rich nasal cavity. Red light has less penetrative potential than near infrared light (750+nm), therefore a majority of the photons do not bypass [...]

What is Intranasal Systemic Photobiomodulation?2023-01-08T03:29:01-05:00