Your brain defines who you are: taking care of its health and longevity is important.

We make that simple and easy.

Our technology is featured in the most published research in the field of brain photobiomodulation.

The Vielight Neuro™

Next-generation Brain Photobiomodulation Technology

Vielight technology is scientifically proven to enhance cognitive ability and increase cerebral blood flow.

The Vielight Neuro features the most advanced LED technology in the industry.

Our design philosophy: easy, comfortable and convenient.

How the Neuro’s next-generation design compares vs regular PBM helmets.

The Default Mode Network is linked to critical brain functions.

The Vielight LED Advantage

Our patented Vie-LED technology creates a unique laser-like energy profile but with the inherent safety of LEDs.

This has played a role in our technology leading the number of published PBM studies by a significant margin.

  • Vie-LED technology generates industry-leading irradiance that delivers NIR energy safely through the skull to the brain.

  • Modular design bypasses hair, maximizes comfort and can target the entire brain.

  • Patented emphasis on the brain’s Default Mode Network.

Patented intranasal brain stimulation.

A nasal gateway to the brain.

Intranasal photobiomodulation (iPBM) delivers NIR energy through the nose, to the underside of the brain.

As the inventors, we own the global patent for intranasal photobiomodulation.

  • The olfactory bulb is directly connected to the brain regions responsible for keeping long-term memories.

  • The ventromedial prefrontal cortex is vital for cognitive processes.


As the world’s only transcranial-intranasal brain photobiomodulation (PBM) device, the Vielight Neuro is the result of years of engineering and research.

The Vielight Neuro has demonstrated brain health benefits in independent, published studies by major universities.

The Vielight Neuro provisions for different needs via the Alpha and Gamma modes.

  • Neuro Gamma

Most of our research is accomplished with the Neuro Gamma.
The Neuro Gamma has been shown to increase cognitive ability, memory and cerebral blood flow in several independent studies.[1][2][3][4]
Gamma brain waves are associated with higher brain functions like cognition and memory.
The Neuro Gamma is sufficient for a majority of people.

  • Neuro Alpha

Alpha brain waves are linked to a calm mental state and improved sleep.
The Neuro Alpha has also been shown to positively affect microtubules in cellular studies.[5]
Microtubules play a role in the stability of neurons. As we age, maintaining the strength of microtubules in neurons may help maintain mental acuity.

  • Neuro Duo

The Neuro Duo grants access to both the Alpha and Gamma pulse rates.
This is useful for people interested in both mental energization and relaxation.

If you require assistance with choosing, please contact us.

  • References
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The Vielight Neuro is designed for simplicity and home-use.

Our devices are auto-timed for 20 minutes. We do not recommend exceeding more than 20 minutes daily.

Alpha: For maintaining general brain health, recovering from stress, for relaxation and improved sleep quality.

Gamma: In preparation for tasks that require cognitive focus and improved creativity, addressing a decline in brain performance, helps with higher forms of meditation. Some may experience some sleeping difficulty if used before bedtime.

Duo: For individuals with healthy brains, we’d suggest using the Duo for four sessions per week. The Alpha can be used for the first three sessions (once every other day), followed by one Gamma session on the seventh day. For example, a user may undergo an Alpha session on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, followed by a Gamma session on Saturday or Sunday.

If you have a healthy brain, use either version, once every 2 days.

If your brain isn’t healthy, use either version, once per day, 6 days a week.

If you need help with choosing a device, please contact us.

Based on computer modelling, the 810nm wavelength has been found to be superior to other wavelengths that includes 1064 nm for penetration. This was proposed in 2018, and confirmed in 2020, by Harvard Medical School. Part of the explanation for the deeper penetration by 810 nm is the low absorbance by blood and water.
A recent study on vascular hemodynamics and cytochrome c oxidase redox activity by the Department of Bioengineering, University of Texas at Arlington examined the effects of different wavelengths within this range with
  • Lasers (800-1064nm | 250 mW/cm2 )
  • 810nm LED (135 mW/cm2)
(1) The 810 nm LED was able to create significant stimulations on vascular hemodynamic oxygenation and CCO redox metabolism despite the LED having a lower irradiance (≈135 mW/cm2)
(2) The dose-dependent trajectory by the 810 nm LED was similar to that by the 800 nm laser.
(3) The LED-triggered increases in Δ[oxCCO] remained at the elevated level without a returning tendency at least during the 5 min post-PBM period. In contrast, the increased Δ[oxCCO] by the 1064 nm laser started returning to the baseline immediately after the cease of the laser.
These findings are encouraging for us – our Vielight Neuro’s rear 810nm LED transcranial diodes generate ≈100 mW/cm2, which approaches the power density of ≈135 mW/cm2 used in the study. It underscores our commitment to fewer well-placed but sufficiently powerful diodes vs many weaker diodes.

Vie-LED technology enables fewer diodes with maximal output and footprint.

Each transcranial LED has an industry-leading power of 1000 mW. It allows us to program radiant power density of up 300 mW/cm2. Although we are currently limiting it to 100 mW/cm2 for safety reasons, we still lead the entire industry.

Our declared values for radiant power density are verified through medical-grade testing and manufacturing certifications.

Neuro Alpha

10 Hz Alpha wave activity correlates with the alpha flow state, mental calmness and stress reduction.

*Vielight Neuro 3 infrared energy footprint, captured with NIR camera

gamma brain waves or gamma neural oscillations

Neuro Gamma

40 Hz Gamma wave frequency correlates with energization, problem-solving and focus.

  • Published EEG research with the Neuro Gamma by the University of Toronto demonstrates positive gamma neuromodulation.
  • Published fMRI research with the Neuro Gamma by the University of California San Francisco demonstrated improved connectivity between nodes of the Default Mode Network.
  • Published EEG research by MIT suggests gamma neuromodulation could be used as a therapeutic tool against neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s,

The Vielight Neuro Gamma improves functional connectivity between nodes of the Default Mode Network.
Source: fMRI study by the University of California San Francisco.

Published Studies with Vielight technology

Published studies with Vielight technology
continents (research sites)
Ongoing studies and clinical trials
Published studies with Vielight technology
continents (research sites)
Ongoing studies and clinical trials

We are grateful to the many bright minds we’ve had the honor of collaborating with globally over the years to advance the field of photobiomodulation research.


The MIP (Multimodal Intranasal Photobiomodulation) device provides benefits to brain health, systemic wellness and microbial sanitization.

Through modern engineering, the dual functionality provides two distinct benefits of your choice, simultaneously.

470nm BlueIntranasal microbial sanitization
633nm RedImproves immunity, oxygenation and reduces inflammation
655nm Red (Laser)Improves immunity, oxygenation and reduces inflammation
810nm NIRGentle brain stimulation

  • 10Hz Alpha | Relaxation and stress relief
  • 40Hz Gamma | Focus and energization


The basis of all our thoughts, behaviour and emotions is the interaction between neuronal networks communicating with each other. This interaction leads to the formation of neural electrical signals known as brainwaves.

Brain stimulation via photobiomodulation stimulates neuronal mitochondria, which increases celullar energy levels. This results in improved efficiency in neural signalling and communication.

Vielight technology is the first in the world to demonstrate the ability to modulate and alter brainwaves using NIR electromagnetic (light) energy, measured through EEG.

  • Alpha brainwaves are prominent when the mind is calm and in some meditative states. Alpha is the resting state for the brain.

    Alpha waves help with developing overall mental coordination, calmness and inner peace.

    Initial EEG testing indicates that the Vielight Neuro Alpha’s 10 Hz pulse can elevate neural Alpha waves.

  • Gamma brainwaves are prominent when the mind is attentive and in the process of learning. Gamma is the active state of the brain.

    When Gamma oscillations are elevated, this leads to increased mental acuity.

    Initial EEG testing indicates that the Vielight Neuro Gamma’s 40 Hz pulse can elevate neural Gamma waves.

Our science division is committed to furthering research in the field of neuromodulation using NIR light for the benefit of everyone.

Pulsed Near Infrared Transcranial and Intranasal Photobiomodulation Significantly Modulates Neural Oscillations: a pilot exploratory study

Read the full study with the Neuro Gamma, published in Nature, Scientific Reports : [ Link ]

Figure : Influence of tPBM on resting-state electroencephalography. Box plot illustrates the median and range of power spectrum across all electrodes for each oscillatory frequency bands. (a) Effect of active tPBM on power spectrum pre (green line) and post (red line). (b) Effect of sham tPBM on power spectrum pre (green line) and post (red line). (c) Difference between Active and Sham tPBM: Change of power spectrum Post-Pre for active (red line) and sham (green line) tPBM. Active versus sham stimulation revealed significant lower alteration in delta and theta power and higher change in alpha, beta and gamma frequency bands.

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