MIP 470-633-655-810

USD $499.00

The MIP 470-633-655-810 combo provides benefits to brain health, systemic wellness and microbial sanitization.

This combo comes with the complete set of 4 MIP intranasal applicators.

The dual functionality of the MIP provides two distinct benefits of your choice, simultaneously.

Through modern engineering, the MIP is lightweight, durable, and power-efficient without compromising on efficacy.

470nm BlueIntranasal microbial sanitization
633nm RedImproves immunity, oxygenation and reduces inflammation
655nm Red (Laser)Improves immunity, oxygenation and reduces inflammation
810nm NIRGentle brain stimulation

  • 10Hz Alpha | Relaxation and stress relief
  • 40Hz Gamma | Focus and energization



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More Info: Please note that this product comes with an intranasal applicator.

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