Neuro Duo 4

USD $2,399.00

As the world’s only transcranial-intranasal brain photobiomodulation (PBM) device, the Vielight Neuro Duo is is the result of years of engineering and research.

Clinical research with our technology has produced improvements in cognitionmemory and blood flow.

The Vielight Neuro Duo comes with both Alpha and Gamma modes.

  • Gamma (40Hz): focus, memory, brain energy.
  • Alpha (10 Hz): relaxation and sleep improvement.

Vielight technology quality is guaranteed by medical grade certification.

We can provide free consultation both before and after your purchase.


As a powerful and well-researched transcranial brain photobiomodulation (tPBM) device with intranasal technology, the Vielight Neuro Duo is a next-generation brain stimulation device that’s safe, effective and easy to use. Our patented transcranial-intranasal technology is supported by the most published research in the field of brain photobiomodulation.

The Neuro Duo transmits pulsed near-infrared (NIR) energy through the cranium, activating a process known as photobiomodulation. Through efficient engineering, we are able to extract one of the highest amounts of power (~100-150 mW/cm2) from a near-infrared LED energy source without generating heat.

Gamma (40Hz): focus, information processing, memory improvement, energizing.
Alpha (10 Hz): mindfulness, learning, relaxation, sleep improvement.

  • Vielight technology quality is guaranteed by medical grade certification.
  • Vielight technology is supported by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty from the time of delivery.

Why the nose?
Being just 3 inches from the brain, the intranasal channel is the most efficient channel for photobiomodulation of the ventral (underside) brain area. These ventral structures within the brain’s core have important functions.


How is the Neuro Alpha different from the Neuro Gamma?

  • The Alpha induces a more relaxed mental state while the Gamma induces a more focused mental state.

Additional information

  • Near-infrared light is nearly invisible to the naked eye, making the beam appear dimmer than its power density.
  • Each device comes with:
    1) 1 Neuro headset
    2) 1 Neuro intranasal applicator
    3) 1 Charger
    4) 1 Device pouch
    5) 1 Silicon sleeve
    6) 1 Carry case

Info sheet: [ Link ] | User guide:  [ Link ]

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Vielight Neuro FAQ

What wavelength does the Vielight Neuro emit?
The Vielight Neuro emits pulsed 810nm NIR energy to enable brain stimulation through the photobiomodulation process.

Why the 810nm wavelength?
The 810nm wavelength has the deepest penetration through tissue and bone, enabling photonic transmission to neuronal mitochondria.

What is the difference between the Duo, Gamma and Alpha models?
The Gamma model pulses NIR light energy at 40 Hz, which has a neuromodulating effect on Gamma neural oscillations.
Effects are an increase of focus, information processing, memory improvement, energizing.

The Alpha model pulses NIR light energy at 10 Hz. This frequency is similar to neural alpha waves. Theoretical brain stimulation effects on alpha waves have a correlation with the brain’s resting state, offering support for mindfulness, learning, relaxation, sleep improvement.

The Duo makes both of these pulse rates available to you – having both pulse rates brings the most benefits.

How much power do your brain photobiomodulation devices generate?
Our brain photobiomodulation devices generate sufficient power to penetrate the skull and produce statistically significant results in independent research studies.

What is the recommended usage?
The general recommended usage is to use once every other day before experimenting with more frequent usage, not exceeding once per day. For more serious cognitive impairment, the recommendation is once per day, six days a week. Please note these recommendations are theoretical and anecdotal.

Engineering behind the Vielight Neuro.

The Vielight Neuro enables direct contact with the scalp’s surface to maximize energy transmission and penetration while microchip-boosted cold LED diodes generate substantial power without releasing heat. Additionally, our patented intranasal technology enables photobiomodulation of the ventral brain areas.

penetration through the skull with near infrared light energy

Vielight Neuro – NIR light energy penetration.

Effects of the Vielight Neuro.

photobiomodulation outcomes cerebral blood flow

EEG photobiomodulation effects




Default-mode network activity in
the PBM group—(A) baseline and (B) week
12 and in the usual care group—(C) baseline and (D) week 12. The posterior cingulate cortex (1, -61, and 38) was used as
seed in the analysis; Height threshold: Punc
< 0.001; cluster threshold PFDR < 0.05.

Non-parametric cluster-based permutation test comparing the rest EEG power spectrum between active and sham tPBM. Topographical maps are color-coded according to the permutation tests t-values. Clusters of electrodes with significant difference between the two conditions are marked in ‘+’ sign (p < 0.05 and αcluster = 0.01). (a) Difference between post and pre active tPBM. (b) Difference between post and pre sham tPBM. (c) Difference between pre active and sham tPMB. (d) Difference between post active and sham tPMB.

brain stimulation effects from photobiomodulation
Influence of tPBM on resting-state electroencephalography. Box plot illustrates the median and range of power spectrum across all electrodes for each oscillatory frequency bands. (a) Effect of active tPBM on power spectrum pre (green line) and post (red line). (b) Effect of sham tPBM on power spectrum pre (green line) and post (red line). (c) Difference between Active and Sham tPBM: Change of power spectrum Post-Pre for active (red line) and sham (green line) tPBM. Active versus sham stimulation revealed significant lower alteration in delta and theta power and higher change in alpha, beta and gamma frequency bands.

Additional information


Vielight Inc

LED Power

1000 mW per module

Power Density | Irradiance

100-150 mW/cm² (3) : Rear Transcranial LEDs
75-125 mW/cm² (1) : Frontal Transcranial LED
25-50 mW/cm² (1) : Intranasal LED
(Potential 300 mW/cm² but safety-limited)

Est. Irradiance Area

400cm² (+/- 50cm²) including Intranasal module footprint

Targeted Brain Network

Default Mode Network
Modules are adjustable to target different areas

Head Size Suitability

Minimum age: 5 years old based on published study data

Medical Grade Certification

ISO13485 and MDSAP

Safety Certification

TÜV Rheinland


24 months

Satisfaction Guarantee

We have an 80% refund policy, valid for 6 months from the time of purchase

35 reviews for Neuro Duo 4

  1. David R. Miller, MD (verified owner)

    Some background, I’m an MD that’s open to experimenting with other forms of modalities. I know that light energy has an effect on the body because of my personal experience with using (weak) lasers to treat hair loss and wounds. I was open to trying brain PBM and initially started with a helmet design from another company, it worked on hair loss but I didn’t feel like it had an effect on my brain. I did a bit more research and found the Vielight device. I liked how their modules had a lot of power density and contact with the scalp. Inflexible helmet designs do NOT suit the different variations of head sizes. Hair follicles are a major issue with helmet designs as well. Vielight’s headset is far better suited, along with the nasal canula which is an interesting take on reaching the vmPFC.

    After around 7 months of experimentation and using the different modes before I start my day or winding down my brain at night, I can say this device has had a positive impact on my life.

    If they could produce a cheaper model for the masses, this would GREATLY improve many more lives. Vielight, please consider a cheaper option for regular people.

  2. cognitivealpha77 (verified owner)

    gamma in the morning, alpha in the evening, 15 minutes per session seems to help with powering and depowering. as a busy dad that lives a full life, it’s that extra boost I need to face a weekday and watching it at night seems to make me so sleepy, i fall asleep 1 hour earlier vs last year.

  3. Edward Rimes (verified owner)

    As a biohacker, I am always looking for ways to improve my mental performance and relax. And while I do not know a lot about brain stimulation devices, I am really happy with the results from Neuro Duo. I can definitely tell that it made my creativity better, helped me to process information quicker and overall boosted my performance. It has been a lifesaver for me these past few weeks at work!

  4. Monkey Box (verified owner)

    I’m an engineering grad student and I use both modes to help with my studies and stress management daily, it’s useful. I wish this device was cheaper though. My dad, being a doctor, saw the value in this and paid half.

  5. Kamill Jones (verified owner)

    Photobiomodulation is a form of therapy that I’ve followed for awhile. I’ve used photobiomodulation all the way back when it was still known as low level light therapy. Speaking from years of running a vet clinic in a busy town, I’ve used lasers to treat animal wounds with great success. I definitely believe it has an effect on the brain and mitochondria if the light energy is able to get through the bone and skin. I like how Vielight is able to produce 100 mW/cm^2 from LEDs, that’s quite remarkable given that the competition only churns out 10-15 mW at best. 4/5 stars because I think it should be cheaper.

  6. stevenyeung178 (verified owner)

    I love the engineering and science behind this device. However, I’ve been testing it for 3 months now and can only feel a slight difference between the Alpha and Gamma modes. I share this device with my wife and she swears by them. Personally, I would opt for the Neuro Gamma which is a little cheaper and backed by more research than the Alpha. 4 stars because I wish the Alpha/Gamma effect was stronger.. at least for me!

  7. mianhey (verified owner)

    ok some preface, I’m not young and I used to be a teacher. not sure if it’s placebo but I noticed that I’m recalling names and words faster than before. my speech started slurring after I hit 60 but now I feel like I’m back to being eloquent. either way, I’m happy that this device is convenient and easy to use, my son helped me set it up but using it is a breeze while I watch tv

  8. steve.mcneil.thompson21 (verified owner)

    I don’t much on my head when the device is active which is a huge plus. My spectrometer is pumping our some insane numbers for an LED. As an engineer, I admire the engineering behind this device, to be able to generate so much power without heat. My only issue is the price, hence only 4 stars. I wish this device was slightly cheaper but I have an idea of the type of diodes Vielight uses and these go for $200-300 per diode on a non-bulk basis.. so the cost basis would probably be around $1500 if I were to make them myself

  9. april sunshine (verified owner)

    initially, my husband and I should’ve bought the cheaper Neuro Gamma for memory and we were past the 6 month satisfaction guarantee period. however, we decided to give the alpha mode a try and we definitely feel the difference in effects between both modes.

    we use the gamma in the morning for brain energy and alpha in the evening to wind down before bed. we bought our own nasal applicators.

  10. Earth Lover (verified owner)

    OK a few things. 1) This is a very powerful device that works better for me than all the other brain stimulation devices I’ve tried, especially tDCS. 2) The two modes Gamma and Alpha are useful but I feel more of an effect from Gamma than I do from Alpha. 3) You don’t have to follow Vielight’s recommendation of once per day, I use this device twice a day. 4) I’m only giving this 4 stars because I expected higher quality materials for the price.

  11. Vielight User 180 (verified owner)

    A useful device for people that care about the health of their brain. I’ve always been sensitive to changes within my cognition as a meditator and I can tell that this device works in a positive way.
    However, the form factor is outdated and not stylish. I wish Vielight would improve the appearance of their products.

  12. Dulce (verified owner)

    I bought this device for my elderly grandfather and I have seen an improvement in his memory and gait. He uses the Gamma mode. My grandmother is healthy but uses it for her brain health. Go grans!
    We’ve had it for 5 years now and it’s still functioning well. Only the nasal cord needed to be replaced last year.
    Thanks Vielight!

  13. ethan howell (verified owner)

    I bought the vielight neuro duo for general brain health improvement, and I use gamma in the morning and alpha in the evening for brain modulation. Both modes work well.

  14. daniii pavlov 76 (verified owner)

    strange but very helpful device for my cognition. my brain took a big hit 15 years ago after a bike accident and I’m truly happy with the results I’m seeing. I shift the diodes around in a non-standard arrangement in multiple sessions to cover the entire brain.. doing that seems to work better vs just the standard suggested default node network arrangemtn.

  15. gautan galyas utd (verified owner)

    superb device for brain pbm because it combines the intranasal portion, which I think does the trick. I shaved my hair (didn’t have a lot of it anyways) to maximize surface contact with the LED diodes. I’m very happy with my purchase, it helps my memory at 70

  16. Fandango (verified owner)

    As a professional musician that works in the movie industry, I am always looking for ways to improve my mental performance and relax. And while I do not know a lot about brain stimulation devices, I am really happy with the results from Neuro Duo. I can definitely tell that it made my creativity better, helped me to process information quicker and overall boosted my performance. It has become an integral part of my lifestyle over h=the past year.

  17. Jackie Delap (verified owner)

    I received an invitation by email to write a review, so here it is. This device is on the pricier side but I share it with all my family members, so it is well worth it. There are 5 people in my family. I use the Gamma mode for my mother’s memory issues and the Alpha mode for my father, who has anger issues from a TBI he suffered a decade ago. My two brothers use it as well.
    If you intend on sharing this device, follow Vielight’s advice and sterilize the nasal applicator between uses.

  18. Pierre Maere (verified owner)

    I purchased the Neuro Duo and it’s a great investment so far. I have seen an improvement in my energy levels and cognitive abilities since using the device. I accidentally damage dhte nasal probe but vielight replaced it while it wa sstill under warranty. Merci Vielight!

  19. Miles Kelley (verified owner)

    I recently bought the Vielight Neuro for my father, who has been suffering from memory loss due to age. I was skeptical at first, but after only a few weeks of use, I could already see an improvement in his cognitive abilities. He is now able to remember things more easily and recall information quickly. The Vielight Neuro is an excellent device and totally worth the price tag!

  20. ara koldny (verified owner)

    promising technology but a bit too strong. perhaps I’m a very sensitive individual. I combine this with methylene blue hbot and organic supplements and I think it augments the effects. I’m trying to stave off acuity damaging effects from a young age and I think I wasted my money getting the Duo, I only like the Alpha mode. the Gamma mode is too strong fo rme. either way, great device and way better than the chinese junk floating around the market, I like how vielight designs and manufactures their own proprietary technology.

  21. Alaia Fyke (verified owner)

    This device worked for my father’s mental clarity but I’m only giving it 3 stars because it is very expensive. I understand that Vielight funds a lot of research but they should find a way to make it cheaper.

  22. wyoma johnson (verified owner)

    quite an impressive but clunnky looking device. I was introduced to do this by Wayne Hulon, a psychotherapist, and think that this form of neurotechnology has a long way to go. the focus on the Default Mode Network was an interesting take and I’m interested to see how this stacks up vs my TDCS machine. I’ve been using this on myself for the past 3 months and have been switching the gamma and alpha modes as instructed by vielight, 10 mins in the morning and 10 mins in the evening. I feel an uplift in my mood and my stress has gone down.

  23. john michaud (verified owner)

    Un excellent appareil pour la stimulation cérébrale. Cependant, l’expédition de l’appareil en Belgique coûte cher, $150

  24. James ZIELINSKI (verified owner)

    Owning my own brain photobiomodulation device has been on my radar for awhile after loaning my friend’s Vielight Gamma for a week. I decided to step up and get the Alpha mode too. I definitely feel the difference in brain modulating effects that it brings from an energizing or calming perspective.

  25. John the Chiropractor (verified owner)

    I recently started using the Neuro Duo in my chiropractic office and it has been a great addition for my practice. Its easy-to-use interface and non-invasive stimulation have proven to be effective but the comfort level varies from client to client. Hence. only the 4 stars. If vielight could design a more comfortable and less scary looking variant in the future, i’d be more comfortable recommending this to ANYONE. Someone mentioned they think they’re being assimilated as a Borg from Star Trek. The inherent safety of the LEDs make it a great and safe add on to any office’s toolbox. Highly recommend by signing up for their reseller’s program if you’re a practitioner.

  26. vera01 (verified owner)

    An interesting device, can’t say I believed in brain photobiomodulation until I tried it for myself. I didn’t feel any effects for a few weeks but after, I’ve noticed much better mental clarity and I’m sleeping better at night.
    Only 4 stars because I feel like the device could be made to look sleeker for the price point. It looks cool but weird.

  27. James A (verified owner)

    nothing but good things to say about this device, I purchased it for my father-in-law and it has worked wonders for his rest and cognition

  28. Gary Chen, MD (verified owner)

    I use this on my patients to improve their mental acuity in a non-traditional way. I’m into integrative medicine and take a holistic approach to viewing my patients, especially in California where people tend to be a bit more open-minded. I’m impressed with the results I’m seeing with Vielight – it’s not revolutionary as I have used lasers in the past but it’s certainly cheaper than the other options out there and far more effective.

  29. Carl Burch (verified owner)

    I didn’t feel much initially for the first 3 weeks and was considering a refund. However, I decided to try it for 2 more weeks and I’m thankful I didn’t return it. I don’t quite feel a difference between Gamma and Alpha but my wife does. However, where I feel a difference is in my long-covid symptoms. This nasal applicator is fantastic, I believe that’s where the difference came from. My sense of smell is back and my brain fog is gone. I only use the Gamma mode but I’m not returning the device, I’m too grateful.

  30. jace santoso (verified owner)

    cool device, relaxes my mind or stimulates my brain depending ont he mode I pick. I use this while watching netflix, working out or coding. totally recommend.

  31. James McDermott (verified owner)

    This is a very powerful and well-made device, I found about it on the Ben Greenfield podcast. I use it every morning pre-workout to energize my brain and in the evening to relax after a long day at the office.

  32. Ravi Puri (verified owner)

    I work as a neurofeedback specialist and have the privilege of working with Autistic children. This device seems to improve their qEEG and other scores from baseline over several weeks. I’m fascinated by its application and focus on the DMN. I’ve since resold 4 of these to their parents. You can also adjust the headbands to target different brain networks.

  33. Raphael McHardy (verified owner)

    I’m happy with my purchase of this device. I suffer from a TBI and brain fog like symptoms, I missed the clarity of pre-car accident. After using this gadget for a few months on Alpha and Gamma mode, I’ve experienced a big improvement in my thinking ability. I used to struggle with maintaining my attention for extended periods but I’m much better now.

    The device itself is quite user-friendly and comfortable to use, no complaints. The sessions are quick, non-invasive, and I use the device while driving to work, gotta love the funny stares from drivers around me. I appreciate the thoughtfulness that has gone into designing such an efficient and effective device.

  34. Arthur Blom (verified owner)

    For the first three weeks, I used the Neuro diligently, following the recommended protocols. I chose the Gamma mode, which was said to promote focus, creativity, and peak mental performance. However, I couldn’t say I noticed any significant changes during that period. It left me questioning my decision to invest in this device.

    Thought of returning it for a refund after all, if it wasn’t delivering the promised results, what was the point of keeping it? But something inside me urged me to give it a little more time, to explore its potential fully. So, I made up my mind to use it for another two weeks before making a final decision.

    As someone with a lot of head injuries from my time as a boxer, I felt a significant improvement in my mental clarity and focus, something I hadn’t felt in over 20 years. Highly likely it isn’t placebo as the coincidence is just too high. Sharing my story and woudl recommend anyone at least trial this device for 6 months for the 80% money back guarantee.

  35. brian goode (verified owner)

    I can really feel the energy from this device but I wish it was cheaper. It’s a deceivingly powerful device but you have to be careful. I got a headache the first 10 minutes of Gamma.. this is after I started with a Vielight Neuro Alpha device before purchasing the Duo and returning the ALpha.

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