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We are interested in collaborating with dedicated and proactive professionals, entrepreneurs, bloggers in the health and wellness, body and brain performance, professional sports or biohacking spaces to spread the word about Vielight technology and to bring to people who can benefit.

If you are one of such individuals and believe that photobiomodulation (PBM) and Vielight technology deserves to be known by as many people as possible, read on. You can join one of our business partnership programs described below.

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What is a Vielight business partner?

Vielight offers two business partnership programs: “Vielight Authorised Reseller” and “Vielight Introducer|Referral”. Each program offers opportunities for a profitable and rewarding partnership for the right individuals and businesses. Both offer great compensation opportunities. The Authorized Reseller elects to buy one or many Vielight devices using a generous tiered discount structure. The Introducer|Referral elects to refer customers for a 10% commission and let Vielight handle the rest.

Vielight Business Partner Programs

We offer this program to approved health and wellness related businesses and practitioners. Selected candidates will have the opportunity to purchase Vielight products with volume discounts and to resell them to their customers.

Vielight carefully preselects appropriate candidates for the Vielight Authorised Reseller program to maximize the success of the partnership. For approval each individual or business interested in participating in this program has to have a set of relevant credentials and experience in order to comply with our policies.

As a Vielight Reseller, you will gain:

  • Access to a generous tiered discount structure.
  • Vielight copyrighted promotional material.
  • Personalized support from Vielight staff.

Interested parties can fill out the virtual contact form below and apply for consideration via email. Kindly send your enquiries to


  • If you are a practitioner in health and wellness space — a degree from a recognized institution is required, and if required by law, a valid license to practice.
  • If you run a relevant business in health and wellness space — a physical location, a business license or an established online e-commerce business are required.
  • If you are a social influencer in the space of health, wellness and/or of athletic performance, brain performance and/or biohacking a significant social following is required.

If you are interested in photobiomodulation and have experienced the effects of Vielight technology through our PBM devices, you should consider the Vielight Introducer|Referrer Program. This program is for those who believe in Vielight technology and wish to promote its benefits. If you are such an individual, you can gain the ability to earn commissions if you already own a Vielight device.

The program is simple. Every Introducer|Referrer receives a unique “coupon” code to be used by their referrals when they purchase the Vielight devices. It is up to you and your efforts to see how much you wish to scale it. Please note that the rules must be followed to maintain participation in this program.

For more information and to sign up: Link


  • You must own at least 1 Vielight device.

As a Vielight Introducer you will gain:

  • An opportunity to build a passive income stream.
  • A commission-based structure with monthly payouts based on revenue collected.
  • Satisfaction from promoting a non-invasive technology for general wellness and better aging.
  • An opportunity to be in the forefront of new wellness technologies.

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