What is Vielight? What is Photobiomodulation?

This short and simple animation explains what Vielight is all about.

Educational Videos

Traumatic brain injury research in sports and Photobiomodulation – University of Utah and Vielight

University of Utah researchers completed a study investigating the effects of the Vielight Neuro Gamma brain photobiomodulation device on individuals with sports-related brain trauma. This research study included former football players and athletes from other collision sports.

Dr. Linda Chao, University of San Francisco – Vielight Brain Photobiomodulation and Dementia

In March 2019, the journal, Photobiomodulation, Photomedicine and Laser Surgery published landmark findings by the University of California at San Francisco’s Linda Chao. Prof. Chao’s controlled study reported significant cognitive improvements in dementia patients.

Neuro Pro Photobiomodulation – Discovering the Possibilities Webinar

This webinar will teach you how this cutting-edge Vielight device works, and how it can be applied to both neurofeedback and meditation. The hour-long event will feature two presentations by industry leaders in these fields followed by a Q and A session. Watch this to learn how the Neuro Pro can help you.

Photobiomodulation: The Energy-based Path to Higher Consciousness and Wellness

Dr Lew Lim, founder and CEO of Vielight, sheds light on the current state of PBM research and how it can be utilized as a cognitive enhancement tool to improve mental acuity, brain energy and mindfulness. Watch this to learn how Vielight technology can be a long term investment for your cognitive health.

Photobiomodulation for brain health with Vielight brain stimulation technology

Mike Mutzel, MSc, is a world-renowned biologist and nutritionist. This interview dives into the benefits of brain photobiomodulation for mental acuity and overall brain health with Vielight brain stimulation technology. Watch this video to gain insight into how general wellness technology can be integrated into any lifestyle.

A clinical neuropsychologist’s perspective on brain photobiomodulation

Dr. Jeffrey Knight, PhD, Clinical Neuropsychologist, discusses what happens when people with neurodegenerative disorders are exposed to transcranial photobiomodulation (tPBM) therapy, using pulsed near infrared light (NIR). He works with the US Veterans Affairs in PTSD research.

Cognitive states and low energy brain stimulation with Photobiomodulation

Our technology was featured at Transtech 2018 in a presentation by Dr. Sanjay Machandra. Dr. Manchandra is a recognized expert in the field of meditation with a Ph.D. in Computer Science and a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. Watch his engaging and informative presentation here.

Brain photobiomodulation and Vielight technology for veterans with PTSD

Psychologist George Lindenfeld discusses his work with the Vielight Neuro with veterans who suffered from PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury, or TBI. He notes transcranial photobiomodulation (tPBM) and intranasal PBM (iPBM) with near infrared light as a modality that he uses to remedy the symptoms of traumatic brain injuries.

Meditation and low energy brain stimulation featuring Vielight technology

Dr. Jay Sanguinetti leads a non-invasive neuromodulation based meditation workshop as part of the Big Sky Ideas Festival in 2019. He uses Vielight photobiomodulation technology, along with ultrasound to enhance or deepen meditative states.

Improving performance and balance in weightlifting with Photobiomodulation

Jon Bruney, a strong man and Guiness World Record Holder, speaks about his experience with Vielight devices and their impact on his athletic performance and balance. He notes the benefits of the brain photobiomodulation that he experienced first hand.

Brain Science behind Photobiomodulation for Alzheimer’s Disease

Being Patient speaks with Dr. Lew Lim, founder and CEO of Vielight Inc, about the research behind photobiomodulation — or light therapy — for brain health and Alzheimer’s Disease and the future outlook as a tool for enhancing mental acuity.

Meet the Vielight team – Dr. Nazanin Hosseinkhah

Dr. Nazanin Hosseinkhah, is a physicist by training, with a Master’s degree in Optics, and a PhD in Medical Biophysics from the University of Toronto. As she says it herself, as a biophysicist, she was intrigued by photobiomodulation and how light energy could be used to positively impact the brain and the body.

The technologies mentioned are not yet approved by any national regulatory body for the treatment of medical conditions and are presently only for the enhancement of general wellness and mental acuity.


Transcranial Photobiomodulation with Ben Greenfield Fitness

Ben Greenfield speaks with Dr. Lew Lim about the usefulness of brain photobiomodulation for sports and health.

Photobiomodulation on Mindhacker’s Radio with Dr. Jay T. Wiles

Dr. Jay T. Wiles speaks with Dr. Lew Lim about the neurological benefits of photobiomodulation for mindhacking.

Elevating Brain Performance at Biohacker Summit 2019 with Dr. Lew Lim

Dr Lew Lim speaks about the potential of using electromagnetic energy to improve brain performance.

The technologies mentioned are not yet approved by any national regulatory body for the treatment of medical conditions and are presently only for the enhancement of general wellness and mental acuity.

Instructional Videos

Neuro 3 – Showcase Video

How to use the Vielight X-Plus

How to use Vielight Intranasal Devices

Vielight Neuro – Example Positioning