Nobody enjoys being sick.

Besides pain and fatigue, being sick disrupts your work productivity and life events. In severe cases, it may lead to long-term complications and fatal consequences.

Vielight patented systemic technology helps boost immunity, reduce inflammation and help recovery.


At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, we trialed our technology against the virus through a large-scale clinical trial.

The results of our n=295 pivotal IRB-approved clinical trial were statistically significant.

Since then, the Vielight RX-Plus has earned Health Canada approval for Covid-19 viral recovery.

Strengthen and recover

Our patented intranasal technology reduces inflammation, improves immunity and helps maintain systemic health.

  • Strengthen your immunity

  • Recover faster

  • Maintain systemic health

Why the nose?

The nose is an important site for photobiomodulation for several reasons.

  • Hosts various microbes

  • Dense blood capillary network

  • Brain olfactory bulb connection

Published Studies with Vielight technology

Published studies with Vielight technology
continents (research sites)
Ongoing studies and clinical trials

We are grateful to the many bright minds we’ve had the honor of collaborating with globally over the years to advance the field of photobiomodulation research.

Boost your health today

We engineered our technology to be effortlessly simple and user-friendly, seamlessly integrating into any lifestyle with ease.

  • Portable, lightweight
  • Easy-to-use
  • Effective


The MIP (Multimodal Intranasal Photobiomodulation) device provides benefits to brain health, systemic wellness and microbial sanitization.

The dual functionality provides two distinct benefits of your choice, simultaneously.

Through modern engineering, the MIP is lightweight, durable, and energy-efficient without compromising on efficacy.

470nm BlueIntranasal microbial sanitization
633nm RedImproves immunity, oxygenation and reduces inflammation
655nm Red (Laser)Improves immunity, oxygenation and reduces inflammation
810nm NIRGentle brain stimulation

  • 10Hz Alpha | Relaxation and stress relief
  • 40Hz Gamma | Focus and energization


The Vielight X-Plus 3 channels red and NIR energy into the thymus gland, nasal vasculature and brain.

Red and NIR light energy exerts pluripotent effects in the modulation of inflammation and immunity.

Target structureBenefit
  • Cerebellum
Improved balance and posture, limb coordination, motor learning.
  • Thymus gland
Improved immunity.
  • Nasal vascular area
Improved immunity and oxygenation.

Sports performance technology

Interested in learning how Vielight photobiomodulation devices are used in sports performance?

Find out why professional athletes are using Vielight technology.

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