X-Plus 3

USD $769.00

The Vielight X-Plus targets vital structures within your body with revitalizing light energy: the cerebellum, thymus gland and nasal vascular area.

It can be used at the same time with the Vielight Neuro to form our powerful, complete brain-systemic photobiomodulation system.

Our systemic photobiomodulation technology augments the body’s innate immune system and reduces inflammation.

Target structureBenefit
  • Cerebellum
Improved balance and posture, limb coordination, motor learning.
  • Thymus gland
Improved immunity.
  • Nasal vascular area
Improved immunity and systemic fitness.


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Warranty: One-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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More Info: Please note that this product comes with an intranasal applicator.

Additional information

Power Density | Irradiance

50 mW/cm² (1) : Body Module LED
25 mW/cm² (1) : Head Module LED
10 mW/cm² (1) : Intranasal LED (633nm)

LED Power

1000 mW per module

Targeted Areas

Cerebellum, Occipital lobe, Thymus gland, Nasal vasculature

Head Size Suitability

Minimum age: 5 years old

Medical Grade Certification

ISO13485 and MDSAP

Safety Certification

TÜV Rheinland


24 months

Satisfaction Guarantee

We have an 80% refund policy, valid for 3 months from the time of purchase

12 reviews for X-Plus 3

  1. Sam Holmes (verified owner)

    I bought the X-Plus 3 along with the Neuro Duo. I tried to use them together but it was too uncomfortable, so I use them separately.

    This is an interesting and versatile device. I position the Head module over my Vagus nerve and the Body module over my Thymus gland everyday. I haven’t fallen sick this year. It might be coincidence or luck but I’ll take what I can get.

  2. Pierce Huntington (verified owner)

    This device is an excellent biohacking device and great value but Vielight could improve its communication on its value proposition. Personally, it took quite a bit of experimentation on my end.

  3. Chad Brunswick (verified owner)

    I pair this device with the Neuro Alpha and I’m fascinated by the benefits I feel. I’m a particularly sensitive individual and have a wide range of biohacking devices at home. This is my second favorite next to my hyberbaric chamber.

  4. Rikimaru (verified owner)

    Versatile device that I use for a variety of purposes, mainly positioning over my Vagus nerve.
    I like that it comes with 2 633nm intranasal applicators as well.
    Excellent value when combined with a 10% discount code.

  5. acoustic.geralt84565 (verified owner)

    the systemic effects of this device are interesting but the head module is not comfortable. it’s great value though, you get 2 633 nasal applicators.

  6. Snowfox Dreamer (verified owner)

    I bought the X-Plus 3 device for my father after seeing good results with the Neuro Gamma with my father.

    I’m a healthy individual with a strict exercise regime and I find that I can finish my morning runs at a quicker pace after a few weeks of consistent use. It might be the NO release from the double 633nm applicators.

    However, my main complaint to prevent this from getting 5 stars is the Body module and Head module aren’t very stable.

  7. Trent Smith (verified owner)

    Very interesting concept. I bought this because I found their pre-publication covid-19 results and the concept of systemic PBM seemed worth the investment.

  8. Leo Timmonson (verified owner)

    As a person in my 60s, I was intrigued about this device and its application after reading about Vielight’s results pre-print. Needless to say, it’s useful as my immunity isn’t as strong as it used to be but it does take some getting used to when it comes to positioning. I find that I feel slightly more energized as well. All in all, it’s good value if you’re into taking care of your health.

  9. Erland Tryggve Iversen (verified owner)

    I like this device from Vielight. It’s a comprehensive device which I use everyday.
    I have 3 kids, I get burned easily but I feel like my energy levels have increased and I’m not as tired anymore.

  10. Jackie Delap (verified owner)

    I bought this for the cerebellum and thymus modules. While Vielight says it can be used together with the Vielight Neuro 3, I personally prefer to use it separately. The pressure is too much on your cranium when combined with the Neuro 3’s headband.

  11. veraaa01 (verified owner)

    I use this for stimulation of my thymus gland in addition to Sensate. I think the X-Plus 3 is more effective but the Sensate looks and feels better.

  12. John the Chiropractor (verified owner)

    I bought this along with the Neuro Duo for use on the body.
    As a chiropractor, I deal with neuromuscular issues but I am concerned about the fit of the modules.
    THey don’t fit extra small people well (like children) – it works best on teenagers or adults.
    Hoping Vielight releases a version with a strap-like option in the future.

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