Neuro Alpha 4

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As the world’s only transcranial-intranasal brain photobiomodulation (PBM) device, the Vielight Neuro is is the result of years of engineering and research.

Clinical research with our technology has produced improvements in cognitionmemory and blood flow.

Alpha (10 Hz): Increased creativity(alpha flow state), calmness, stress management and sleep improvement.

Vielight technology quality is guaranteed by medical-grade certification.


As a powerful and well-researched transcranial brain photobiomodulation (tPBM) device with intranasal technology, the Vielight Neuro Alpha is a next-generation brain stimulation device that’s safe, effective and easy to use. Our patented transcranial-intranasal technology offers a unique and powerful advantage for comprehensive brain stimulation of the Default Mode Network.

The Neuro Gamma transmits pulsed near-infrared (NIR) energy through the cranium, activating a brain stimulation process known as photobiomodulation. Through efficient engineering, we are able to extract one of the highest amounts of power (~100-150 mW/cm2) from a near-infrared LED energy source without generating heat.

The Neuro Alpha pulses NIR energy at the 10 Hz frequency. This frequency is similar to neural alpha brain waves. Alpha waves are correlated with the brain’s resting state, offering support for mental coordination, mindfulness and learning. Athletes often cite the ‘flow’ state which has strong correlations with Alpha.

  • Vielight technology quality is guaranteed by medical grade certification.
  • Vielight technology is supported by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty from the time of delivery.

Why the nose?
Being just 3 inches from the brain, the intranasal channel is the most efficient channel for photobiomodulation of the ventral (underside) brain area. These ventral structures within the brain’s core have important functions.


How is the Neuro Alpha different from the Neuro Gamma?

  • The Alpha induces a more relaxed mental state while the Gamma induces a more focused mental state.

Additional information

  • Near-infrared light is nearly invisible to the naked eye, making the beam appear dimmer than its power density.
  • Each device comes with:
    1) 1 Neuro headset
    2) 1 Neuro intranasal applicator
    3) 1 Charger
    4) 1 Device pouch
    5) 1 Silicon sleeve
    6) 1 Carry case

Info sheet: [ Link ] | User guide:  [ Link ]

Vielight Neuro 3 –  NIR Energy footprint

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Vielight Neuro FAQ

What wavelength does the Vielight Neuro emit?
The Vielight Neuro emits 810nm NIR energy.

Why the 810nm wavelength?
The 810nm wavelength has the deepest penetration through tissue and bone, enabling photonic diffusion to the brain.

What is the difference between the Duo, Gamma and Alpha models?
The Gamma model pulses NIR light energy at 40 Hz, which has a neuromodulating effect on Gamma neural oscillations. Theoretical benefits are increased memory activity, perception, cognition.

The Alpha model pulses NIR light energy at 10 Hz. This frequency is similar to neural alpha waves. Alpha waves are correlated with the brain’s resting state, offering support for mental coordination, mindfulness and learning.

The Duo makes both of these pulse rates available to you – having both pulse rates brings the most benefits.

How much power do your devices generate?
Our devices generate sufficient power to penetrate the skull and produce statistically significant results in independent research and clinical studies.

What is the recommended usage?
The general recommended usage is to use once every other day before experimenting with more frequent usage, not exceeding once per day. For more serious cognitive impairment, the recommendation is once per day, six days a week. Please note these recommendations are theoretical, anecdotal by nature and only based on published data or ongoing clinical trials with yet unpublished results.

Engineering behind the Vielight Neuro.




The Vielight Neuro enables direct contact with the scalp’s surface to maximize energy transmission and penetration while microchip-boosted cold LED diodes generate substantial power without releasing heat. Additionally, our patented intranasal technology enables photobiomodulation of the ventral brain areas.

photobiomodulation brain

Vielight Neuro – NIR light energy penetration.


Additional information


Vielight Inc

LED Power

1000 mW per module

Power Density | Irradiance

100 mW/cm² (3) : Rear Transcranial LEDs
75 mW/cm² (1) : Frontal Transcranial LED
25 mW/cm² (1) : Intranasal LED
(Potential 300 mW/cm² but safety-limited)

Est. Irradiance Area

400cm² (+/- 50cm²) including Intranasal module footprint

Targeted Brain Network

Default Mode Network
Modules are adjustable to target different areas

Head Size Suitability

Minimum age: 5 years old based on published study data

Medical Grade Certification

ISO13485 and MDSAP

Safety Certification

TÜV Rheinland


24 months

Satisfaction Guarantee

We have an 80% refund policy, valid for 3 months from the time of purchase

25 reviews for Neuro Alpha 4

  1. dmytro-galyas (verified owner)

    I love my neuro alpha, i use it before bed every night and it helps my sleep and cognition the day after. i have way more energy

  2. Konstantin de Abreu (verified owner)

    I was one of the early adopters of Vielight intranasal tech in 2013, so glad they upgraded their lineup. I purchased the Vielight Neuro Alpha to complement the Vielight 633 that I own. This device is fantastic and I trust the Vielight technology because of the substantive research they invest in

  3. apolcalyptic.gryphon85 (verified owner)

    i’ve been following vielight for awhile and finally got around to buying a neuro alpha. after 4 months of use, I will say that this work greats in combination with hyperbaric chambers. I’m a health freak that will do anything to optimize my mind and health. the nasal applicator is a huge advantage but it takes some getting used to, if vielight can design a more comfortabke one, i’d give 5 stars.

  4. terry watts (verified owner)

    started with the neuro alpha about a year ago along with neurofeedback sessions. it seems to have improved my QEEG progression by reconfiguring the diodes at my brain regions with too little alpha. the nasal applicator takes some getting used to, hoping they come up with a comfier design in the future.

  5. Bryan Delgado (verified owner)

    I was nervous about potential side effects, but it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. after about two weeks, I noticed dramatic improvements in my mood, focus, and stress levels. The neuro Alpha has helped me immensely.

  6. frenchchickensaled209 (verified owner)

    my husband purchased this for me to help me calm my brain during training sessions. as an athlete, it can be difficult to enter the alpha flow state when you are surrounded by constant distractions and your mind is in overdrive. fortunately, this device helps me to calm my brain and achieve a state of focus and clarity.

  7. happyfoxstrawberries88 (verified owner)

    super happy with my neuro alpha, I use this with my red light panels and it’s great for both mind and body wellness :) def recommend, it’s expensive but it evens out after 3-5 years

  8. gautan galyas utd (verified owner)

    purchased this device for my son, who’s a vet that suffers from emotional issues. thanks for doing next to nothing VA. it helps calm his anxiousness while he studies architectural design online. I encourage people to read vielight’s literature

  9. Craig Dufour (verified owner)

    I have been using the Neuro Alpha for about half a year and thought I should share my experience. I’ll be turning 60 this year and felt that my short-term memory was getting worse day by day. I couldn’t recall what I had eaten for lunch or where I had put my phone. I used to be extremely sharp. I couldn’t sleep well at night either.
    Fast forward to today and I can feel that my memory has improved and so has my sleep by using the vielight once per day at around 9pm or so while watching TV.

  10. Chessmaster68 (verified owner)

    I’m a functional neurologist and I’ve been using the neuro Alpha device for a few months now. It’s been great for my practice and my clients love it. It’s easy to use, and the QEEG results that I’ve seen are noticeable. My clients mentioned that they are more focused, alert and their cognitive function has improved significantly. I highly recommend the Neuro Alpha for anyone looking for an effective brain stimulation device in their practice.

    One thing that you should be aware of is the quite pricey extra intranasl applicators, however. I wish Vielight would make them cheaper but with the distributor discount, they’re not in the realm of being too expensive.

  11. Biohacking Pro (verified owner)

    I’m an avid swimmer, I almost made it to the nationals in my younger days. Now that I’m in my 30s, I found that my performance was falling off due to developing partial insomnia. The Neuro Alpha calms me and my nervous system down at night and my Apple Watch tells me I’m getting better measured sleep, at least 1-2 hours on average. Thanks Vielight.

  12. Somalian Oranges (verified owner)

    I recently got Neuro Alpha and I believe I can feel its effects immediately, though it might be placebo. What isn’t placebo is its ability to reduce anxiety and stress over a week of use. This device has made a difference in my life, my wife notices I’m not as snappy as usual.
    However, I’m only giving it four stars because the nasal canula is not comfortable, I have an extra thick nose and I notice a slight pinch. Vielight tells me I can loosen it over time through mechanical force, we’ll see.

  13. Erin Knight (verified owner)

    I’m a military vet and with the occasional anxiety attacks, I just have to stop my car on the side of the road when I’m driving at times. I like this device because it relaxes me in the morning. On the days that I use it, I don’t feel stress. It might be placebo but I’m happy with my purchase.

  14. josh_holloway (verified owner)

    helps with my studying, I’m not sure if it’s placebo but as a part-time Masters student while working full time, I find that it helps concentrate and calm my mind enough for an hour seems to be giving my brain the energy I need. It’s not the most comfortable to wear while studying but totally worth it, imo

  15. matu hari (verified owner)

    A great device for brain stimulation, stress reduction and sleep. It’s a bit on the pricey side but I believe it’s accomodated for by the research that goes into their devices.

  16. peter.vanderzeil (verified owner)

    this device fits well and works for relaxation, Id put it in the same category as cbd marijuana in my state. I’m a veteran that suffers from mood issues due to my time in service and it helps with my mood swings but I’m only giving it four stars because the shipping was too slow. It took a week to arrive when I was told by customer service it’ll arrive sooner, you can get stuff from amazon in 1 day these days

  17. Chad Brunswick (verified owner)

    I am a big fan of the Neuro Alpha. I use it when I’m stressed and want to unwind after a long day at work. It helps me relax, think clearly, and feel better in general. A good night’s sleep can make you more productive during the next day at work which is why I love my neuro alpha so much!

  18. giuseppe camponelli (verified owner)

    So this didn’t work for my husband’s anxiety issues but it does give me a very relaxed calming sensation. Writing a review is a great way to share your opinion and experience with a product or service. But when it comes to products and services that are related to mental issues, it is important to acknowledge the fact that results may vary from person to person.

    This review is written by someone who has been using thus specific device for 8 months on their veteran husband, but unfortunately it does not seem to be working for him. It is possible that this device works better in some cases than in others; like me – I use this to improve my sleep and I can definitely feel a calming, relaxing feeling. However, no one should expect miracles when dealing with complex mental issues.

    3 stars because I had high hopes and while it works for me, I’m a healthier person, not my husband who has suffered from anxiety attacks for the past decade.

  19. daniii pavlov 76 (verified owner)

    bought this extra for my wife because she refuests to use my personal neuro.. we’re rich so we can afford it but god forbid anyone with a normal budget engage with that nonsense. leaving a positive review for the neuro alpha, it works wonders for her stress

  20. Wilhemina Marrero (verified owner)

    I use this at night combined with SAD lamps. I track my sleep quality using a Samsung watch 3, which is quite accurate.
    I’ve noticed an improvement in my sleep patterns over the course of 2 months.
    However, I can’t use this at night in bed and have to plan my bed time 20 minutes ahead of time because of the way this device is built.
    I wish it was adaptable for a bed.

  21. Edlin Bursch (verified owner)

    Ich habe dieses Gerät durch einen Freund entdeckt. Ich benutze dieses Gerät für meinen Vater und es ist gut. Ich würde es sehr empfehlen

  22. anna.cooksey21 (verified owner)

    picture this: you slip on this fancy headband, flick the switch, and boom! your brain gets showered with gentle NIR (Near-Infrared) light like it’s party time in your head. It’s like your neurons are having a beach vacation, soaking up the warm sunrays of tranquility. thanks Vielight! Nora you were great too.

  23. Hansen Walsh, DO (verified owner)

    I use this for my anxiety and find that it has been helpful in combination with CBD. The effect size is greater vs just using CBD alone, which wasn’t sufficient for me. My only recommendation would be for Vielight to add a few more forehead diodes.

  24. Dr Abigail (verified owner)

    perfect for using while watching TV after a long day of work at the clinic. why not? it’s good for my brain

  25. brian goode (verified owner)

    fantastic light therapy device for the head. it helps me sleep at night. I wish it was a little more comfortable but you get used to it quickly.

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