Neuro Gamma 4

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As the world’s only transcranial-intranasal brain photobiomodulation (PBM) device, the Vielight Neuro Gamma is is the result of years of engineering and research.

The beneficial cognitive effects of the Vielight Neuro Gamma are featured in the most brain photobiomodulation research publications in the world, spanning from neurodegeneration to cognitive improvement.

The Vielight Neuro Gamma features our proprietary Vie-LED technology and patented intranasal technology, which contributes to our industry-leading energy density and efficacy.

Gamma (40Hz): focus, memory, brain energy

Vielight technology quality is guaranteed by medical grade certification.


As a powerful and well-researched brain photobiomodulation (PBM) device with intranasal technology, the Vielight Neuro Gamma is a next-generation brain stimulation device that’s safe, effective and easy to use. Our patented transcranial-intranasal technology offers a unique and powerful advantage for comprehensive brain stimulation of the Default Mode Network.

The Neuro Gamma transmits pulsed near-infrared (NIR) energy through the cranium, activating a brain stimulation process known as photobiomodulation. Through efficient engineering, we are able to extract one of the highest amounts of power (~100 mW/cm2) from a near-infrared LED energy source without generating heat.

The Neuro Gamma emits pulsed NIR energy at the 40 Hz frequency. This frequency correlates with neural gamma brain oscillations. Gamma brain waves have a correlation with increased focus, information processing, memory improvement and brain energy levels.

Additionally, our Neuro Gamma technology is featured prominently in independent brain photobiomodulation research globally.


  • Vielight technology quality is guaranteed by medical grade certification.
  • Vielight technology is supported by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty from the time of delivery.

Why the nose?
Being just 3 inches from the brain, the intranasal channel is the most efficient channel for photobiomodulation of the ventral (underside) brain area. These ventral structures within the brain’s core have important functions.


How is the Neuro Gamma different from the Neuro Alpha?

  • The Alpha induces a more relaxed mental state while the Gamma induces a more focused mental state.

Additional information

  • Near-infrared light is nearly invisible to the naked eye, making the beam appear dimmer than its power density.
  • Each device comes with:
    1) 1 Neuro headset
    2) 1 Neuro intranasal applicator
    3) 1 Charger
    4) 1 Device pouch
    5) 1 Silicon sleeve
    6) 1 Carry case

Please note that this device is not the same as the Neuro RX Gamma that is currently being used in our clinical trials. The RX Gamma is intended to be fully compliant with regulatory requirements for a medical device and will not be available without regulatory clearance. The “Neuro RX Gamma” is therefore a different product from the “Neuro Gamma”

Info sheet: [ Link ] | User guide:  [ Link ]

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Vielight Neuro FAQ

What wavelength does the Vielight Neuro emit?
The Vielight Neuro emits pulsed 810nm NIR energy to enable brain stimulation through the photobiomodulation process.

Why the 810nm wavelength?
The 810nm wavelength has the deepest penetration through tissue and bone, enabling photonic transmission to neuronal mitochondria.

What is the difference between the Duo, Gamma and Alpha models?
The Gamma model pulses NIR light energy at 40 Hz, which has a neuromodulating effect on Gamma neural oscillations. Theoretical brain stimulation effects are an increase of memory activity, perception, cognition.

The Alpha model pulses NIR light energy at 10 Hz. This frequency is similar to neural alpha waves. Theoretical brain stimulation effects on alpha waves have a correlation with the brain’s resting state, offering support for mental coordination, mindfulness and learning.

The Duo makes both of these pulse rates available to you – having both pulse rates brings the most benefits.

How much power do your brain photobiomodulation devices generate?
Our brain photobiomodulation devices generate sufficient power to penetrate the skull and produce statistically significant results in independent research studies. For a full list of our published results, please refer to this link: Link 

What is the recommended usage?
The general recommended usage is to use once every other day before experimenting with more frequent usage, not exceeding once per day. For more serious cognitive impairment, the recommendation is once per day, six days a week. Please note these recommendations are theoretical, anecdotal by nature and only based on published data or ongoing clinical trials with yet unpublished results.

Engineering behind the Vielight Neuro.

The Vielight Neuro enables direct contact with the scalp’s surface to maximize energy transmission and penetration while microchip-boosted cold LED diodes generate substantial power without releasing heat. Additionally, our patented intranasal technology enables photobiomodulation of the ventral brain areas.

penetration through the skull with near infrared light energy

Vielight Neuro – NIR light energy penetration through a human cadaver.

Biological effects of the Vielight Neuro.

photobiomodulation outcomes cerebral blood flow

EEG photobiomodulation effects




Default-mode network activity in
the PBM group—(A) baseline and (B) week
12 and in the usual care group—(C) baseline and (D) week 12. The posterior cingulate cortex (1, -61, and 38) was used as
seed in the analysis; Height threshold: Punc
< 0.001; cluster threshold PFDR < 0.05. (Link)



Non-parametric cluster-based permutation test comparing the rest EEG power spectrum between active and sham tPBM. Topographical maps are color-coded according to the permutation tests t-values. Clusters of electrodes with significant difference between the two conditions are marked in ‘+’ sign (p < 0.05 and αcluster = 0.01). (a) Difference between post and pre active tPBM. (b) Difference between post and pre sham tPBM. (c) Difference between pre active and sham tPMB. (d) Difference between post active and sham tPMB.(Link)

brain stimulation effects from photobiomodulation
Influence of tPBM on resting-state electroencephalography. Box plot illustrates the median and range of power spectrum across all electrodes for each oscillatory frequency bands. (a) Effect of active tPBM on power spectrum pre (green line) and post (red line). (b) Effect of sham tPBM on power spectrum pre (green line) and post (red line). (c) Difference between Active and Sham tPBM: Change of power spectrum Post-Pre for active (red line) and sham (green line) tPBM. Active versus sham stimulation revealed significant lower alteration in delta and theta power and higher change in alpha, beta and gamma frequency bands. (Link)

Additional information


Vielight Inc

LED Power

1000 mW per module

Power Density | Irradiance

100 mW/cm² (3) : Rear Transcranial LEDs
75 mW/cm² (1) : Frontal Transcranial LED
25 mW/cm² (1) : Intranasal LED
(Potential 300 mW/cm² but safety-limited)

Est. Irradiance Area

400cm² (+/- 50cm²) including Intranasal module footprint

Targeted Brain Network

Default Mode Network
Modules are adjustable to target different areas

Head Size Suitability

Minimum age: 5 years old based on published study data

Medical Grade Certification

ISO13485 and MDSAP

Safety Certification

TÜV Rheinland


24 months

Satisfaction Guarantee

We have an 80% refund policy, valid for 3 months from the time of purchase

33 reviews for Neuro Gamma 4

  1. flying applesauce (verified owner)

    there aren’t many brain PBM devices out there and frankly, this one is the best. I’ve tried the helmets and the contact points aren’t great. this headset ensures that the modules make firm contact with the head. the nasal applicator is a huge plus for reaching the underside of the brain too. I highly recommend this device. good work guys.

  2. Mattis Wulf (verified owner)

    Ich habe dieses Gerät auf Empfehlung von Thomas Feiner vom IFEN gekauft. Es ist ein tolles Gerät zur Hirnstimulation, aber es ist teuer.

  3. shanna.everest (verified owner)

    An easy to use device that I take around with me on my daily commute. so I’m really into brain health and biohacking, still mebtally healthy and sharp but only 4 stars. this device generates a ton of power, my husband verified this with a photon density meter, concerned that you can barely see the headset beams despite being LEDs! don;t starw into it despite looking like a dim red light, it’s NIR energy which is almost inivisible. hats off to Vielight’s engineering team for producing this monster and I’m sure LEDs are safe but some caution should be taken

  4. Vayne Kim (verified owner)

    this company might be a little slow between the ears, there are a ton of 10% coupon codes floating around – so you don’ thave to pay the full price of $1799 – look it up. anyways, I find this product surprisingly bulky and substantial, it might be the power of the LEDs but it fits like a glove and I can feel the energy. I use this pre-workout to synergize my mind and my son loves it too.

  5. hana sung (verified owner)

    I was looking for something to give me an edge or make my life easier as a graphical artist. I was skeptical at first when my friend told me about it but I would say that my freelancing ideas flow way faster

  6. Rohan McFallon (verified owner)

    I’m very happy with my purchase of the Neuro Gamma 3. As a fitness and wellness enthusiast, it fits well into my routine and energizes me before a long day at work. I also own a light therapy bed and hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber to maximize my wellness routine. One issue that I’d liek to point out is the small stinging sensation on my scalp that disappears. It’s not unpleasant, just weird. It might be the energy.

  7. Erica Sharp (verified owner)

    I used this device for 10 months on my mother, who has shown signs of slowing cognitive ability. she improved slightly over the months and seems sharper but ot sure if it’s due to the Neuro Gamma machine or the bredesen protocol. It could be a combination of both but either way, relieved and glad to have my mom partially back for now!!

  8. Antoine Levoit (verified owner)

    J’étais sceptique au début, mais je voulais voir si cet appareil fonctionnait pour mon père âgé qui est oublieux. Cela semble fonctionner pour le moment.

  9. vikings fan (verified owner)

    my father and I share this device. I’m a big believer in red light therapy, having used LLLT equipment as a physical therapist for the past 10 years with amazing results for muscular issues. I just didn’t think it would be applicable to the brain until vielight came along and the nasal module is a game changer. it really sets the company from all the other untested garbage wihtout research out there.

  10. acoustic.geralt84565 (verified owner)

    this is probably one of the best brain stimulation devices (and I own a hyberbaric chamber, pemf and tdcs machines) but my headset stopped working after only a few months. vielight has since replaced it but it took them 2 weeks to do so.
    hoping I don’t run into more reliability issues in the future.

  11. Pierce Huntington (verified owner)

    For the past two months, I have been using the Neuro Gamma, and I like the clarity it brings. As a biohacker that is in tune with my body, I feel like my mind is getting sharper and more efficient. This device has improved how I operate as a software engineer and helps me think about serverside scripting.

  12. sugarw000000kie (verified owner)

    this is a fantastic brain PBM device, definitely the best out there if you do your research but I’d reocmmend sticking to Gamma. 40Hz has the most research behind it, alpha not so much.

  13. susanna mendez (verified owner)

    I purchased this device after watching Dr Bredesen’s interview with Dr Lim. While it’s had a noticeable positive effect on my father when combined with the Bredesen protocol, it’s hard to convince him to use the nasal applicator. It’s comfortable but I wonder if it can be made wireless..

  14. maria.deckrt (verified owner)

    As a neurologist, I find this device fascinating. It seems to be backed by a lot of independent research by universities, the potential seems astounding given that it’s safe. I have gotten good results with my clients in terms of improving their Folstein test results. I haven’t tried the Alpha version because it seems like all the research is concentrated on the 40Hz Gamma pulse. I’ve been told by Vielight that this is NOT a medical device and to refrain from naming conditions, so there is that caveat but it’s definitely effective in improving the brain.

  15. Trent Smith (verified owner)

    I’ve used low light therapy for awhile (back when it was still known as low light therapy) and was blown away by Vielight’s ingenuity. Unlike the other LLLT companies out there, there’s engineering logic and reasoning plus research behind what they’re peddling. I’m a user of the Vielight Gamma since June last year and I’m happy with the device, it fits surprisingly well on my big head.

  16. Snowfox Dreamer (verified owner)

    I wanted to do everything possible to help my father, whose memory seemed to be rapidly deteriorating due to age. I was already aware of the Vielight Neuro Duo and wanted to try it out from a Bredesen protocol practitioner. I ordered one and received it in the mail a few days later. My father at first didn’t seem to notice any improvements but after a few months, his memory had improved dramatically! The device really made a difference for my dad, though I’m not sure if it’s also due to following the Bredesen protocol

  17. Somalian Oranges (verified owner)

    My wife purchased a Neuro Gamma, while I purchased a Neuro Alpha. It was a mistake because we could have gotten the Neuro Duo and both pulse rates.
    While there is a noticeable difference in the different pulse rates, I’m not happy with Vielight’s policy of not allowing us to return both devices so we could purchase a Neuro Duo instead.
    They should combine both pulse rates.
    Overall, it’s a fantastic device for brain stimulation and we use it everyday but Vielight should be a more sympathetic to their customers.

  18. phoenixashes (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Neuro Gamma for the past 6 months and I can honestly say it has completely replaced my morning coffee. It’s an amazing device that gives me a great energy boost in the morning, but without any of the negative effects. If you’re looking for something to help with mental alertness, I recommend this device.

  19. I eat apples (verified owner)

    After 8 months of usage, it’s a great device if you’re into brain wellness technology. I’ve done quite a bit of research into different home-use brain stimulation devices and Vielight seemed like the most credible option for me given their research. I don’t feel much of an immediate effect but I do notice that I’m able to perform better at work as a silicon engineer. However, it isn’t perfectly comfortable, the nasal applicator was slightly tight so I had to loosen it. The price isn’t a problem for me.

  20. Aaron Barkman (verified owner)

    OK this device could have a lot more potential if it looked more high tech. It definitely serves it’s function well but if Vielight just invested more money into a cooler form factor, it would reflect better on their company. I like the technology but I think the appearance could be improved for the price.

  21. julie180 (verified owner)

    I was broken my NEURO charging connector ,it’s not charging,I was email to this company asking for support, as they promised, they send me the parts . Thanks for your help.

  22. Adrienne Odriscoll (verified owner)

    I bought the vielight neuro gamma. I’m the type of person that buys just about every piece of technology out there for better health. that list includes a tdcs devices, hyperbaric chambers, every kind of red light, pemf etc. I’d say this ranks in my top 2 devices to use in terms of usefulness, the other being my hyperbric chamber.

  23. Leo Timmonson (verified owner)

    I purchased this device 5 months ago to help with my memory, possibly due to age. I’ve always been a sharp individual but over the past few years, I’ve noticed a decline ever since I hit my 60s. So far, it seems to be working well as I’m less absent-minded and my conversations feel smoother, the words come faster. However, I noticed I get slightly sleepy when using this device. Vielight has told me that it’s due to the stimulation and that’s fine.

  24. hussain qureshi (verified owner)

    i read all the studies on their website and decided this would be the best choice, quite a cool device.. family agrees that it’s pretty weird to wear. I’m not disappointed so far, as i’m able to focus better on my work as a software developer learning new courses on AI and ML

  25. mellisa lee (verified owner)

    the Vielight staff were very helpful and friendly. shipping to the UK went smoothly, a thumbs up to the Vielight crew from this happy user :)

  26. The Lord of Apples (verified owner)

    I heard that Vielight actively deletes reviews that mentions medical conditions – so I’ll give a hint, lots of forgetfulness, old age – my father is now able to speak again. it might be some of the other things we’ve been putting him on, but integrative medicine path seemed to help a little bit. disclaimer: we arne’t drug haters or loons, we’re just willing to try new things – given the current lack of available solutions.

  27. Dallas cowboy (verified owner)

    this is completely new technology to me, amazing what the 21st century brings. I’ve used the device for a few months at the recommendation of my neurologist and I can feel the positive benefits it brings to my mental clarity after my motorcycle accident. i’d recommend trying low level therapy for the brain.

  28. Leo Timmonson (verified owner)

    I’m revising my review to a 4 star review because while the device is easy to use, the headset is not very comfortable on my wife (it’s comfortable for me) but I was hoping we could share the device without any issues.

  29. Eric Eichmann (verified owner)

    My son has concentration issues and uses this to help modulate his brain for studies. It really does work, according to him. Not on the level of Adderall, which he has been taken off due to complications. I’ve tried it on myself and didn’t feel much however. Either way, 5/5 from me because his grades improved back to where they were when he was on his medication.

  30. jessica rodriguez 70 (verified owner)

    This device doesn’t look sleek but it does work, I find that I’m able to focus on my work without the use of medication. Vielight should higher an industrial designer!! Such wasted potential for great technology.

  31. Margaretta de Souza (verified owner)

    As someone who constantly struggled with mental fatigue and lack of focus, i’m happy with the results I experienced after incorporating this device into my daily routine. The Neuro stimulates my brainwaves, providing a profound sense of clarity, heightened mental alertness, and sustained energy throughout the day. thanks to Vielight and the Neuro Gamma, I feel more in control and can fully tap into my cognitive potential

  32. Kazant (verified owner)

    This is a brilliant device that generates a lot of energy.. much more than the red light panels that I own. I’m not sure why but I can feel a sensation, perhaps heat or placebo? Either way, my brain fog symptoms are far less than they were a month ago.

  33. James A (verified owner)

    fantastic device for brain stimulation with light energy, I can really feel the positive effects after 2 weeks of usage

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