Photobiomodulation and Traumatic Brain Injury

Researchers at the University of Utah completed a study investigating the effects of the Vielight Neuro Gamma on individuals with sports-related TBIs.

This research study (pending publication) includes former football players and athletes from other collision sports.

Please note that our devices are general wellness devices and not medical devices.

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Gain an edge over the competition.

If you are an athlete, our photobiomodulation (PBM) technology will give you a competitive edge.

Brain photobiomodulation can help improve your mental acuity, spatial skills, coordination and reflexes.

Systemic photobiomodulation has the potential to support your immunity, increase your energy and help with recovery.

Gain an edge with Vielight.

Enhancing motor cortex performance.

When a fraction of a second in reaction time and split second decision-making differentiates the winner from everyone else, an optimized and fast-performing brain is necessary to compete.

The Vielight Neuro can be positioned over the brain’s motor cortex. The motor cortex is an important neural network that sends instructions to muscles to trigger voluntary movements.

Improving neural connectivity and cerebral blood flow into this region through brain photobiomodulation could enhance reaction time, balance and coordination 🔥

Vielight College-Sports Experience Exchange Program

At Vielight, we believe in helping young athletes reach their fullest potential with the help of our PBM technology.

If you’re a college athlete (NCAA or CCAA), contact us to learn about our experience exchange program.

Here are the steps:

  • We will give you a Neuro Duo to try
  • If you see positive changes in performance, share your testimonial with us (within 3 months)
  • If you don’t see positive changes, we will help you return the device to us – free of charge.

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Photobiomodulation Mechanisms

Photobiomodulation therapy is defined as the utilization of non-ionizing electromagnetic energy to trigger photochemical changes within cellular structures that are receptive to photons. Mitochondria is particularly receptive to this process. At the cellular level, visible red and near infrared light (NIR) energy are absorbed by mitochondria, which perform the function of producing cellular energy called “ATP”. The key to this entire process is a mitochondrial enzyme called cytochrome oxidase c, a chromophore, which accepts photonic energy of specific wavelengths when functioning below par.

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Brain photobiomodulation has enormous potential for sports performance enhancement

Systemic Photobiomodulation

Harness the power of photobiomodulation for your inner systems

What athletes are saying.

Angelica Delgado
Angelica Delgado2x Judo Olympian, Team USA
Angelica Delgado, a 2x Judo Olympian and Team USA’s highest ranked athlete shares her routine with Vielight technology.

She finds that brain and systemic photobiomodulation with the Vielight Neuro Duo and Vielight MIP helps with her morning fog and dramatically speeds up her recovery process.

“The Neuro Duo and the MIP. I actually use these for about 5-6x days for about 20 minutes, everyday in the morning, 20 minutes. I can really feel the difference to clear my morning fog and it helps speed up my recovery”

Lisa Tamati
Lisa TamatiUltramarathon Champion
With over 140 ultra-marathons to her name, as well as National Titles, a number of podium places in international races & many expeditions under her belt, Lisa is constantly pushing the limits of human endurance.

“The Neuro Duo has helped me on so many levels, from increased focus, to more mental and physical energy. I use the Alpha to calm my nervous system at night and I use the Gamma before my workouts.”

Kevin Clark
Kevin ClarkProfessional Ice Hockey
Kevin Clark is a Canadian professional ice hockey forward. He is currently playing with Eisbären Berlin of the Deutsche Eishockey Liga (DEL).

“I’m using the Neuro Gamma to increase my mental acuity before games. It’s extremely important to have that competitive advantage. I use the Vielight 633 to increase my blood circulation and my HRV.”