Mental Acuity is a category that is very important not only for Vielight, but also for the Vielight users. As a maker of personal photobiomodulation (PBM) devices, Vielight pays a lot of attention to helping individuals to support their cognitive acuity.

Vielight PBM devices offer a noninvasive way to support and maintain brain wellness. Thus, all Vielight devices carry a general wellness device designation, in accordance with the FDA guidelines.

Mental acuity and photobiomodulation may seem like a strange combination for some. In reality, numerous research studies present a very unique and supportive picture of PBM as a support for brain wellness.

Brain Stimulation Devices Boosting General Wellness

General wellness devices come in many forms and colours. Some sleek, some quirky-looking, they are useful gadgets, which can be helpful for your wellbeing. Brain stimulation and neural modulation are only two of the areas where new generations of general wellness devices are gaining footprint. Only a few years ago brain stimulation was a closed [...]

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What is Mental Acuity?

Personal wellness has become a very hot subject over the last decade. The majority of interest in this subject area is focused on physical wellness, mostly of the body. Thankfully, more and more people are realizing the importance of brain wellness. There is a growing interest in maintaining a healthy brain and cognitive “sharpness.”  The [...]

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