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At Vielight, we are doing important research and developing photobiomodulation technology to positively impact the world. However, there are many people who could benefit from our technology who haven’t heard of Vielight. You could be a messenger of positive change in someone’s life.

By participating in our referral program you can help many by spreading the word, and we will reward you for supporting us.

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What you need to know

– You have to speak from experience, and must own and use at least 1 Vielight device.

– Earn commission of 10% on the net proceeds of sales to those you refer to us.

– Commissions paid out on a monthly basis.

Terms and conditions must be followed to retain enrolment.

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    We pay commissions via cheque.

    You will be contacted by us when your referral account is approved and active.

    1. This agreement sets out the criteria required and the terms governing a party who introduces buyers to Vielight Inc.; the party is herein called “Introducer.” Vielight reserves the right to approve or reject Introducers at its sole discretion.

    2. Vielight will issue a coupon code to an approved Introducer to provide to those to whom it recommends Vielight products, which code will entitle them to a 10% discount when purchasing products directly from Vielight.

    3. Vielight will pay commission to the Introducer of 10% of the sales of devices only and excluding spare parts (net of discounts, returns and shipping) and on-sale or clearance products, made to customers (other than Introducer) who: used the Introducer’s code, who advised Vielight at the time of purchase that they were referred to Vielight by Introducer, or whose names were provided to Vielight as contacts of Introducer prior to their first purchase of Vielight products and were not already contacts of another Introducer.

    4. Introducers will not represent themselves in any way that implies Introducer is an agent, legal representative, or branch of Vielight Inc., and will represent itself as independent from Vielight.

    5. Any promotions of coupon codes on mass market channels are not permitted. Examples of such mass channels include, but not limited to social media posts, Google advertisements, Facebook (Boost Post), Twitter (Promoted Tweets), Coupon Bird, Groupon, Honey, Karma, Bargain Moose, and the like. We do not permit any advertising or mentioning of the Introducer’s coupon code within their search engine meta description, or directly on their website or elsewhere without simultaneous promotion of Vielight products. Vielight reserves the right to not pay commission without informing the Introducer when this condition is breached. Any coupons found in violation of this rule will be deactivated.

    6. Vielight Minimum Advertised Price (MAP): The resale prices are set forth in our website, www.vielight.com as the Minimum Advertised Price. Introducers may not publish a price that is lower than the MAP. This includes, but is not limited to, web, print, TV, radio, Introducer’s own or affiliated website(s), and all electronic advertising and any other marketing and sales platform that an Introducer may use currently and in the future. Vielight reserves the right to revise the list of Products, Services, Prices, and Practices at any time while this Agreement is in force.

    7. Copyright Material: Introducers are not allowed to copy any material from Vielight’s websites, blogs, or literature. Vielight will provide collaterals for advertisements upon request. Modification of any kind to materials provided by Vielight is not permitted (for example, removing the Vielight logo from its material).

    8. Vielight Web URL Policy. The word Vielight is not permitted to be embedded in any Introducer’s URLs, codes, or email address. Example: ABCVielight.com, info@abcvielight.com or any variation or combination of the word Vielight. Vielight is a registered trademark.

    9. Medical Claims. Vielight does not make any medical claim without the clearance of FDA, Health Canada, and other relevant regulatory agencies. Introducer understands the risks of making medical claims without these clearances.

    10. No Third-Party and Beneficiaries. This agreement shall not confer any rights or remedies upon any person other than the parties to this agreement.

    11. Confidentiality. The terms of this agreement are confidential. The parties agree not to discuss or disclose the terms of this agreement to a third party.

    12. Termination: Vielight reserves the right to terminate this agreement and to void Introducer’s code for violations of any term of this agreement, unlawful acts, product misrepresentations, for any business practice deemed undesirable or unethical by Vielight, or for lack of sales referred by Introducer. Upon termination, Introducer agrees to cease promoting Vielight products.

    13. Vielight makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, by way of example but not of limitation, of fitness of any product for any particular purpose. Vielight shall not be held to any liability with respect to any claims by Introducer because of, or arising from, the use of products.

    14. Introducer shall not assign, transfer, and/or otherwise sell its rights in this agreement.

    15. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement and understanding between the parties. No term or provisions of this agreement may be changed, waived, or discharged without the written approval of Vielight.