Biohacking is becoming more prominent as more people are actively seeking ways to improve there well being using natural means. It has become a worldwide movement. Biohackers are using various naturally-focused way to provide incremental benefits to various functions of their bodies. There is a number of prominent biohacking groups  in Europe and in the USA.

Biohackers discovered Vielight phtobiomodulation devices, and it was “love form the first sight”.  Worldwide, biohackers recognize Vielight as leading brand for biohacks for improving body and general health, support brain functions, including mental alertness. Self-improvement is a major focus and goal of any serious biohacker. Brain biohacking is a big part of such self-improvement. It has to do with improving ones mental alertness and focus, as well as supporting the heath of the brain as it ages. Vielight’s photobiomodulation devices help those interested in body and brain hacks.

Vielight devices are becoming popular among serious meditators. Improving mental alertness, focus and introspection are some of the primary goals for those who practice meditation. Compact, portable and user friendly, Vielight devices offer biohackers and meditators to take their games to the next levels.

Enhancing the Default Mode Network (DMN)

Many neuroscience publications indicate that the brain is modular and composed of different networks The key to successful brain stimulation (and brain photobiomodulation) is to focus on networks that hold the most importance to your objective. The Default Mode Network (DMN) is a collection of brain regions that are active when an individual is [...]

Elderly Cognitive Decline and Brain Photobiomodulation

A growing problem facing the elderly – age-related cognitive decline Several factors of brain aging and age-related cognitive decline Brain photobiomodulation (PBM) and mitochondrial function Brain PBM and metabolic effects Brain PBM and anti-inflammatory effects Brain PBM leads to a reduction in neuronal excitotoxicity Brain PBM increases cerebral vascularity and oxygenation Published research – [...]

X-Plus 3: Exponential Performance

Introducing the X-Plus 3 Whether you are seeking to improve mental performance (brain photobiomodulation) or body resilience and functions (systemic photobiomodulation), the X-Plus 3 on its own or in combination with a Neuro model will go a long way to help you. Our acute Covid-19 recovery study used a version of the X-Plus [...]

What is Mental Acuity?

 Personal wellness has become a very hot subject over the last decade. The majority of interest in this subject area is focused on physical wellness, mostly of the body. Thankfully, more and more people are realizing the importance of brain wellness. There is a growing interest in maintaining a healthy brain and cognitive “sharpness.”  The [...]

Biohacking Extraordinary Brain Functions

“Photo-Neuro-Hacking” is here! Vielight with its photobiomodulation (PBM) technology, has been the subject of growing interest in the field of biohacking of the brain. The delivery of light to influence brain functions is appealing to many biohackers. Not surprisingly, most are seeking ways to achieve that in an uncomplicated and affordable way, without the [...]

Continuing PBM Research Efforts

Continuing Efforts and Findings in PBM ResearchOn March 21, 2019, pharmaceutical giants Biogen and Eisai announced they were discontinuing their much-anticipated clinical trial. It was the final phase of one of the most promising Alzheimer’s Disease drugs under trials, aducanumab. This announcement was heart-breaking for those who had been holding out for it. There is [...]

PCMag – Can Brain-Machine Interfaces Put You In A Better Mood?

Our photobiomodulation technology was featured as a biohacking tool in an article on PCMag, a well-established resource for the latest news in the tech world. The author is S. C. Stuart is an award-winning digital strategist and technology commentator for ELLE China, Esquire Latino, Singularity Hub, and PCMag, covering: artificial intelligence; augmented, virtual, and mixed [...]