Transcranial Photobiomodulation

Transcranial photobiomodulation (tPBM) is unique form of phtobiomodulation. It is a noninvasive neuromodulation modality for neuroenhancement and brain wellness. Research data shows that tPBM has a potential to improve brain function. It’s application is under studies for a wide range of neurological and psychiatric disorders. The studies include tPBM applications for dementia, including Alzheimer’s Disease, traumatic brain injury (TBI), Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and more.

Furthermore, tPBM is also under investigation for performance improving qualities for athletes, the military and general public.

Near infrared light (NIR) therapy is the most common form of tPBM. This is so, because studies show that NIR light can penetrate deep enough into the brain to effect its modulation.

Thus, studies show that NIR therapy can improve cognitive acuity by modulating mitochondrial and cellular functions in the brain.

Ilia Topuria – UFC Featherweight Champion and Vielight technology

A huge congratulations to Ilia Topuria, the undefeated UFC champion who became world featherweight champion recently! Ilia Topuria is a figurehead in the world of sports and uses Vielight technology in his routine, to boost his performance and enhance his recovery. Ilia Topuria with the Vielight Neuro 3 Why does Ilia use [...]

Ilia Topuria – UFC Featherweight Champion and Vielight technology2024-02-26T14:31:33-05:00

Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery with Photobiomodulation: Cellular Mechanisms, Clinical Evidence, and Future Potential

Abstract Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) remains a significant global health challenge, lacking effective pharmacological treatments. This shortcoming is attributed to TBI’s heterogeneous and complex pathophysiology, which includes axonal damage, mitochondrial dysfunction, oxidative stress, and persistent neuroinflammation. The objective of this study is to analyze transcranial photobiomodulation (PBM), which employs specific red to near-infrared light [...]

Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery with Photobiomodulation: Cellular Mechanisms, Clinical Evidence, and Future Potential2024-02-23T17:15:51-05:00

Vielight Technology featured in the Wall Street Journal

As neurotech research and innovation continues to advance, photobiomodulation (PBM) using infrared light shines through as a promising solution for athletic performance and general health. This week, the Wall Street Journal featured Vielight as a leader in this emerging field, with a well-researched story that touched on some applications for photobiomodulation among elite athletes [...]

Vielight Technology featured in the Wall Street Journal2023-12-18T12:23:12-05:00

Safeguarding Your Brain’s Mitochondria: A Defense Against Alzheimer’s

Middle school biology imparts a well-remembered fact: mitochondria are the cellular powerhouses responsible for energy production. But recent scientific findings suggest that mitochondria may also hold the key to preserving our memories and combating Alzheimer's disease. This article explores the emerging role of mitochondria in Alzheimer's disease, highlighting scientific research and offering insights into [...]

Safeguarding Your Brain’s Mitochondria: A Defense Against Alzheimer’s2023-12-07T21:43:51-05:00

Brain Photobiomodulation: A Potential Drug-Free Option for Alzheimer’s Therapy

Brain Photobiomodulation: A Drug-Free Alternative for Treating Alzheimer's Disease Alzheimer's disease, a progressive neurodegenerative disorder, poses one of the greatest challenges to modern medicine. With its devastating impact on cognitive function and quality of life, finding effective treatments has become an urgent priority. As traditional pharmacological therapies struggle to provide a definitive cure, alternative [...]

Brain Photobiomodulation: A Potential Drug-Free Option for Alzheimer’s Therapy2023-12-07T21:44:02-05:00

Groundbreaking Creativity Study with the Vielight Neuro (Brain Photobiomodulation)

The Vielight Neuro Gamma was utilized in a study examining the link between creativity and brain photobiomodulation, specifically of the Default Mode Network. This groundbreaking study had 58 healthy participants and was sham-controlled, single-blinded and randomized. Researchers from the University of Deusto, Spain, the University of Montpellier, France and Pennsylvania State University, USA were [...]

Groundbreaking Creativity Study with the Vielight Neuro (Brain Photobiomodulation)2024-02-22T17:02:49-05:00

40Hz Gamma Modulation in Alzheimer’s Research

The Ongoing Search for Effective and Accessible Treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most common type of dementia in elderly individuals worldwide (Wilson et al., 2012). The disease is characterized by neurodegeneration, tissue changes in the brain, (including amyloid-containing plaques and tangles of hyperphosphorylated tau protein), severe cognitive decline and in [...]

40Hz Gamma Modulation in Alzheimer’s Research2023-11-27T13:57:22-05:00

Parkinson’s Disease and Brain Photobiomodulation

Photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy involves using non-thermal light, specifically narrow-wavelength bands of red and near-infrared light from LED or laser sources, to affect cellular responses. This therapy primarily targets cytochrome-C-oxidase, which releases reactive oxygen species (ROS) and regulates cellular signaling pathways. PBM therapy has a strong safety record and is free of serious side-effects, making [...]

Parkinson’s Disease and Brain Photobiomodulation2024-01-15T13:58:41-05:00

Autism and Brain Photobiomodulation

At the moment, there are no pharmacological treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) core features. There is a growing interest in non-pharmacological interventions for ASD, such as neuromodulation with brain photobiomodulation 🧠 Dr Pallanti Stefano, a Stanford University Professor and Director of Istituto di Neuroscienze, Florence, Italy, led an independent retrospective study with the Vielight [...]

Autism and Brain Photobiomodulation2024-01-09T15:09:25-05:00

Dementia and Brain Photobiomodulation

In 2015, our dementia pilot trial made history by being the first to show efficacy of brain photobiomodulation (PBM) for dementia in humans with a home-use device.[1] In 2019, Dr. Linda Chao, a professor in the Departments of Radiology, Biomedical Imaging and Psychiatry at the University of California, verified our 2015 dementia pilot trial [...]

Dementia and Brain Photobiomodulation2023-12-07T21:44:28-05:00