The Interest in Vielight’s Research Grows, but There is More….

Vielight researchInternational media has recently taken note of the work that Vielight is doing in Alzheimer’s Disease research. An article on Vielight’s work was published by a major UK newspaper, The Daily Telegraph. This article was picked up by a number of prominent newspapers. The list of publications includes another leading UK newspaper, Daily News, and Canada’s own National Post, Calgary Herald, Ottawa citizen, Windsor Star, and more.

However, we are not all about Alzheimer’s. There are at least twenty projects on our research schedule, some in collaboration with major research centers. The more notable ones include a traumatic brain injury clinical trial, a study on cognition, meditation, study on blood viscosity, enhancement of sports performance, the mechanism of cellular signaling, EEG responses to various transductions, autism, and PTSD. Information on the published ones can be accessed on this Vielight webpage.

Vielight Scientists about Vielight Research

According to Dr. Genane Loheswaran, PhD., Research Manager at Vielight, “We have a busy but rewarding research program that keeps our team highly motivated, and in search of new discoveries. The idea of covering vast areas of brain conditions and functions may strike many scientists as being too ambitious. However, when one understands that photobiomodulation (PBM), delivered in the right way, is able to treat and affect the power sources of cells – mitochondria, the horizon of possibilities broadens significantly. With PBM, multiple benefits may be expressed, resulting in improvements in numerous functional outcomes.

In our research, using the Vielight Neuro Gamma and Alpha, we consistently observe quick and significant changes in the brain. We record and measure these changes with techniques such as EEG and neuropsychological assessments. The feedback from consumers of Vielight devices continues to surprise even the skeptics in us. It gives us great motivation to pursue new modalities to treat various brain conditions. We also have the unique and exciting opportunity to explore the extent to which we can uncover the potential of the human brain.”

Dr. Lew Lim, PhD., CEO of Vielight, added, “The results of these research efforts tend to lead us to develop even more devices that help people in specific and effective ways. This has always been our goal. With our engineering team in full swing, we hope to translate ideas to make practical and affordable devices. Because the devices are novel and the first of their kind, the challenges are numerous. The high levels of creativity and expertise of our engineering team make these new products a reality.”

Online forums on PBM and Vielight are Expanding

Vielight Facebook pageInterest in PBM is growing, and so are the online communities interested in this subject. Much of the discussion on PBM effect on the brain has been dominated by Vielight. This reflects the amount of innovation that stems from the Vielight team mission to improve the quality of lives through cutting-edge knowledge in the field.

Vielight has a Facebook page, where we share company events and the knowledge relevant to PBM and our research. There are also several independent Facebook groups that are great forums for independent sharing. The most relevant is the Vielight Knowledge Exchange Group. We are notably absent or infrequent in our participation for a couple of reasons. One, not to influence sharing of positive, as well as negative experiences. Another, we are not licensed to provide medical advice. Other active Facebook groups are Brain Photobiomodulation Exchange and Research, and Neuro-Photobiomodulation PEMF TDCS TMS.

Where to participate in Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical Trials

There are now two active sites recruiting participants for the Vielight RX Gamma Alzheimer’s Disease pivotal clinical trial. They are St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, and Bruyere Research Institute, Ottawa. In addition, the following sites will be opening soon: Progressive Medical Research, Port Orange, Florida, Healthtech Connex, Surrey, British Columbia, and Boston University School of Medicine. When new sites will be open for registration and recruitment, we will make announcements in our newsletter and social media. To enquire about participation in this trial, contact the managers for the trial, Applied Health Research Centre (AHRC) at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto.

Vielight welcomes Mingyang Chen, Quality and Product Engineer

Mingyang Chen joins Vielight as Quality and Product Engineer, bringing his expertise, which we need, as the company grows. Mingyang graduated from McGill University with a Masters’ degree in Materials Engineering. He will help us to meet our product quality goals and to improve trouble-shooting processes. He brings his experience in quality management, product development and software coding. Such continual strengthening of our team will help us to develop and release ground-breaking products that surprise with their practicality.