vielight neuro x-plus sideThe promised and eagerly awaited Vielight X-Plus arrival is expected in 1-2 months! We have a long list of pre-orders and cannot wait to fulfill them. As soon as the units are available for deliveries, they will be out the door.

The Vielight X-Plus Design

The Vielight X-Plus’ design and flexibility enables the user to deliver photobiomodulation (PBM) to areas not already covered by other Vielight devices. In general, the new device is very versatile.  The light source is a single 810 nm LED, emitting near infrared light (NIR). A flexible stainless steel band holds the NIR LED  in place, creating a simple yet effective headset. The new design allows for an easy irradiation of the posterior brain areas, such as the cerebellum.

Similar to existing Neuro headsets, the X-Plus comes with its own 633 nm intranasal applicator for blood irradiation. The 633 nm wavelength complements the 810 nm wavelength of the Neuro Alpha and Neuro Gamma. By delivering PBM to the capillary network for circulation throughout the body, this theoretically increases blood oxygenation and decreases blood viscosity – we are planning research in this area.

Combining Vielight Neuros

Furthermore, the new X-Plus is usable on its own and in combination with other Vielight Neuro devices. It can be used consecutively and even at the same time with the Vielight Neuro Alpha and Gamma models. Thus, when used  for brain PBM, the X-Plus complements the Neuro models. It can deliver light energy to a brain area that is not accessible by the Neuros. Notably, the X-Plus design incorporates an extra long steel band. This long and flexible band permits the placement of this devices on top and over the Neuro headsets. Although both, the Alpha and the Gamma, already deliver strong outcomes, the addition of the X-Plus makes photobiomodulation process more holistic.

Additionally, the X-Plus is suitable for photobiomodulation on other parts of the body. The flexibility of the metal band and functional design of this wearable device permit users to place it in a number of positions. Thus, it is convenient to use in a number of areas, from head to toe.

How and Why the Vielight X-Plus was Developed?

Principally, the Vielight X-Plus was developed to tackle the following questions:

How do we conveniently direct near infrared (NIR) light to the cerebellum and brain stem?
What could we do to complement our existing brain irradiation wearable’s line up?
How can we conveniently direct NIR to any location on the body such as the thymus gland, the gut and the vagus nerve, among others?

The X-Plus’ design and functionality provide solid answers to all of these questions. Its posterior LED module can reach areas that the Neuro headsets cannot. At present, the Neuro Alpha and Gamma devices only deliver NIR light to the hubs of the default mode network of the brain. The X-Plus covers an additional area, the posterior brain area, which when used in combination with the Neuro, effectively covers all the essential areas of the brain. If you have been following the reporting of our clinical trials and studies, you have probably read about their applications and related methodologies, the X-Plus was designed to improve on and expand on the applications.

Further, in the answer to the last question above, the X-Plus is adoptable to numerous other placements on the body, as we noted above. Such versatility provides a functional and effective way of delivering PBM to areas where other Veilight devices do not reach. Just like its predecessors Neuro Alpha and Gamma, the X-Plus is effectively a headset. However, new design form allows for its usability throughout the body and not just on a head.

X-Plus in Clinical Trials

In clinical trials, the X-Plus joined the Neuro RX Gamma in studies for Parkinson’s Disease therapy. It is also a primary contender for studies in developmental trauma disorder (DTD) and autism. Until the trials confirm otherwise, nobody should assume that the X-Plus is suitable to treat any of these diseases.

The new X-Plus has a price tag of USD $749. The initial roll-out should take place in January 2019. The first lot will ship to those who are eagerly awaiting on the waiting list. It should be available in the market place widely by February 2019.


If you’re interested in pre-ordering the X-Plus, please send an email to :