Vielight PBM Peripherals and Replacement Products

Vielight PBM peripherals are individual parts of our photobiomodulation devices that can be replaced or added as needed. These are small but important products. They can simplify and add convenience in the use of Vielight PBM devices. Thus, this category includes such Vielight replacement products as nasal applicators, device chargers and silicon sleeves.

Why these products are important? For example, you have purchased one of the Vielight Neuro devices and your spouse or child would like to join you in practicing transcranial photobiomodulaton (tPBM). Considering that you live together and a tPBM session lasts only 20 min, it makes more sense to buy an additional nasal applicator. Therefore, you would spend only one tenth of the price of a new Neuro device instead. At the same time this small additional investment will add significant functional benefit to your device.

Furthermore, the peripherals and replacement parts are always conveniently available should you require an out-of-warranty replacement.

  • 655 Applicator

    USD $149.00
  • 810 Applicator

    USD $179.00