What are Brain Intranasal PBM Devices?

Brain intranasal PBM devices are general wellness devices for the brain. They perform gentle brain stimulation using only light. This unique PBM technology is patented by Vielight. These products offer a simple and affordable option for delivering near-infrared light (NIR) to the frontal area of the brain. Thus, they are the most affordable and lease invasive way to provide brain stimulation and neuromodulation.

You simply insert a small nasal applicator into one of your nostrils and press the “ON” button. The LED diode in the nasal applicator delivers the NIR light to the brain. The light is strong enough to pass through the bones on its way to the brain.

Design of these devices offers convenience and simplicity of use. Thus, they are small enough to fit in a pocket, and light enough not make a hole in it.

You can read more about intranasal photobiomodulation in general and brain intranasal PBM specifically, on our website.

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