Media Coverage

PCMag: Can Brain-Machine Interfaces Put You in a Better Mood?


Our devices were mentioned in PCMag! A journalist experienced in meditation, describes a Vielight brain photobiomodulation experience during a brain biohacking session at a meditation conference, CA. The VieLight Neuro Pro (prototype) was featured. https://www.pcmag.com/news/362227/can-brain-machine-interfaces-put-you-in-a-better-mood

US Veterans Affairs: LED Therapy helps AF Veteran


September 2019 : Link Shortly after the Gulf War, Viitala hit his head in an accident in Saudi Arabia. When he visited the War Related Illness and Injury Study Center (WRIISC) in East Orange, NJ, he was diagnosed with traumatic brain injury. At the WRIISC, a doctor referred him to the VA Boston Healthcare System’s light-emitting diode (LED) [...]

The Telegraph: Vielight and Alzheimer’s Trial


January 2020 : Link The Telegraph wrote about our ongoing pivotal (phase 3 equivalent) Alzheimer's clinical trial with 228 participants recently. This article is a synopsis of the current stage of our clinical trial, along with the potential our technology has as a therapy for this neurodegenerative disease. Please note that we're still undergoing clinical [...]

The Nature of Things: Vielight


February 2017 : Link Please note, this video is only available to Canadians. "The Brain's Way of Healing", an episode on The Nature of Things - airing on the CBC news network with David Suzuki and Dr. Norman Doidge. Our intranasal photobiomodulation technology will be featured in a snippet about helping veterans overcome PTSD.

CityNews Toronto: LED headset shows promise


March 2017 : Link Could this odd-looking LED headset shows promise to be a life-changer for those with Alzheimer’s disease and traumatic brain injuries? Researchers in Toronto and Boston found cognitive changes after using the Vielight Neuro device. The technologies being studied in these clinical trials are not yet approved by any national regulatory body [...]