May 2019 : Link

A testimonial story, by Christopher Kamrani, about a former football star and Vielight technology recently appeared in The Salt Lake Tribune. We thought that it is an important testimonial that should be heard by as many people as possible. This brief blog post is intended to help to spread the original story.

Dr. Larry Carr was once a BYU Hall of Famer and a local football legend. Little did he know about the price his brain would pay later on for his tenacity on the field back then. If he did, he wouldn’t have played football.

This is Larry’s story about the many years he spent fighting TBI (traumatic brain injury) and CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy). It is the story about how multiple impacts to his head caused him to become unwell, affecting his brain. Not least important, it is also about how Vielight brain photobiomodulation technology  helped to bring his memories back.

Disclaimer: This story is from an independent news source research, and it is without any financial conflict. Only anecdotal evidence is presented. No direct representation is made by Vielight regarding Vielight devices or their capabilities for CTE at this point of time.