Vielight COVID-19 Clinical Trial Passes Interim Analysis and Continues to Recruit Subjects

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Many of you may be aware that last year Vielight Inc. launched a COVID-19 clinical trial in USA and Canada. This trial is intended to determine whether the home- use Vielight RX Plus helps to accelerate recovery. Positive data would suggest that the device helps take the load off the hospital system. This would also indicate that it is an effective and user-friendly way to recover from COVID-19. Importantly, it would be done within the confines of one’s familiar environment. The Vielight RX Plus photobiomodulation (PBM) device is designed to deliver near infrared (NIR) and red light to the infected areas of the body. It is intended to help the body by boosting its immune system, reducing inflammation and repairing damaged cells.

An interim data analysis was conducted for the Vielight COVID-19 clinical trial. It was done to determine if the early data justifies continuing the clinical trial or abandoning it for futility. The independent statisticians’ report supports the feasibility of the trial and its continuation to completion, with the potential for success.

Based on the encouraging interim results, Vielight Inc has been working tirelessly towards completing the study as soon as possible. However, we are in the final leg, the last obstacle being the shortage of about 20 qualified participants. To qualify for this trial, the person must have been formally diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 10 days, must not require hospitalization and must be between 18 and 65 years old. More information is available at, including compensation. Your help recruiting final participants for this study will be greatly appreciated. Kindly spread this information to your network.

Dr. Lew Lim Recognized in a Canadian Award for Innovation

Virtual ACCE Awards PresentationOn April 24, 2021, The Association of Canadian Chinese Entrepreneurs (ACCE) awarded Dr. Lew Lim, our founder & CEO, the Canadian Chinese Entrepreneur of the Year for 2020 & 2021 in the Most Innovative category. The selection committee recognized the uniqueness and innovation of Vielight technology, its impact on society and its vast future potential in helping people with their health needs at affordable prices. The rigorous selection was an outcome of an extensive due diligence review by members of an independent committee. The committee included senior members of a Canadian academic institution, the Federal government, a major international accounting firm, a major financial institution and the media.

Neuro Pro Progress Updates

The Neuro Pro is a major upgrade to and a departure in a new direction from the established Vielight Neuro Alpha and Gamma devices. It pushes the boundaries of the potential of brain PBM by offering the user the unprecedented ability to safely manipulate transcranial photobiomodulation (tPBM) parameters.

Compared to the existing Neuro models, the Neuro Pro offers extra LEDs for positioning on the dorsolateral prefrontal cortexes (DLPFC), which are associated with executive function and cognition. Among many other features, the pulse frequencies of the NIR LED modules can be set to a continuous wave or to pulse frequencies of up Vielight Neuro Pro tPBM systemto 10,000 Hz. The parameters are keyed in through an app on the accompanying smart phone that is specifically paired with the controller.

From Dr. Lew Lim

Dr. Lew Lim, the inventor of the Neuro Pro platform and Vielight products, notes: “My vision of the Neuro Pro is of a platform that provides its users a tool for safe experimentation to achieve new heights in brain states. The Neuro Pro was designed to be user-friendly and versatile with the creative and curious end-user in mind. Its novelty and versatility are unmatched by any other tPBM or brain stimulation device at any price.

Knowledge in neuroscience is helpful in exploiting the full capabilities of the Neuro Pro, but it is not a prerequisite for enjoying its capabilities. Through the simple sweeping of different frequencies, users can recognize sweet spots that could lead to better brain health and cognition. The changes and improvements are observable in QEEG readings, making the Neuro Pro a powerful adjunct for neurofeedback practitioners. Furthermore, advanced meditators who have tested the Neuro Pro report experiencing positive altered states during the testing of the early prototypes.”

Dr. Lim added, “It is in the culture of our team to continuously explore how we can help to improve human functions, particularly the brain. The Neuro Pro democratizes experimentation by individuals for personal mental improvements. The device has built-in safety features for certain key parameters, like power density, to ensure the safety of the user.

The sophisticated and yet user-friendly Neuro Pro system is supported by complex engineering. The team at Vielight and selected associates have been testing the prototypes rigorously to ensure that we have a quality product fully ready for release. We are also ensuring that the system is fully certified for safety. Considering the time needed to attain the high level of satisfaction associated with the Vielight devices, we expect to launch the Neuro Pro in the third or fourth quarter of 2021.”

Dr. Alison Smith to Present the Neuro Pro at ISNR 2021

Recognizing the very significant interest in the long-awaited Neuro Pro as a highly sophisticated brain stimulation platform, a live online presentation and Q&A session has been set aside at the ISNR Annual Conference. If you have registered or are considering attending the conference, please note that this informative session is scheduled for Friday, June 25 between 5:30 PM and 6:30 PM PDT. Access more ISNR 2021 Vielight Adinformation at the ISNR website by following this link.

Dr. Lew Lim to present at ISNR 2021 conference (June 25-27 2021)

Dr. Lew Lim will be speaking on “Treating COVID-19 with Photobiomodulation – Short-term Recovery and Long-haul Neuro-regulation” at the online ISNR conference, taking place from June 25 to 27, 2021. This session is scheduled for 7:00 AM PDT / 10:00 AM EDT on Saturday, June 26, 2021. During this presentation, Dr. Lim will share the science behind the ongoing pivotal clinical trial to validate the benefits, delivered via the Vielight RX Plus PBM device, as a treatment for COVID-19. Furthermore, he will also be sharing his knowledge on how PBM can potentially be used to treat “long haul” COVID sufferers. Access more information by following this link to the ISNR schedule.

Dr. Lim will also be conducting a 3-hour workshop on Sunday, June 27, 2021 at 2:30 PM PDT/5:30 PM EDT to 5:45 PM/8:45 PM EDT. The subject of this workshop will be “The Principles and Practice of Photobiomodulation Relevant to Neurofeedback Updated for 2021”. Practitioners and those with some understanding of neuroscience will find this highly educational. The updated information includes new discoveries that are useful and have not yet been made public. Dr. Lim will be sharing many tips on how to apply PBM to improve brain functions. Access more information by following this link to the ISNR workshops schedule.

Dr. Neda Rashidi joins Vielight

Vielight welcomes Dr. Neda Rashidi into its research team. Dr. Rashidi is a medical doctor educated at the University of Tehran. She obtained a Master in neuroscience from Trento University in Italy and is now completing her PhD at the University of Toronto in Canada. Apart from her medical degrees, she is skilled in neurophysiology and neuroimaging.

Peter Kusiak joins Vielight

Vielight welcomes Peter Kusiak as its Data Analytics Developer and Acting Quality Manager. Peter brings with him capabilities in artificial intelligence, as well as experience in quality management systems. He obtained a BSc in Psychology from the University of Toronto, and a Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence Analysis, Design, and Implementation from Durham College, Canada.