Red light therapy (or photobiomodulation) is known for its many health benefits. But what makes red light therapy unique is that it can be internalized through the nose.

When done correctly, this method of red light therapy can help boost your circulatory system in a natural and safe way.

Systemic intranasal photobiomodulation uses red light energy to improve immunity and reduce inflammation.

Our systemic intranasal photobiomodulation technology utilizes visible red light energy. (λ = 633nm, 655nm)

Internalizing Red Light Therapy

Maintaining peak immunity and systemic wellness will help avoid the drawbacks of falling sick.

The nasal cavity is saturated with blood capillaries that act as a filter, absorbing the red light energy and distributing it throughout the circulatory system.

Systemic intranasal photobiomodulation has been shown to enhance immunity and improve nitric oxide.

Convenient, simple and effective.

Vielight intranasal photobiomodulation devices are simple, convenient and effective.

They can be used while watching TV, driving and even sleeping.

  • Lightweight and portable

  • Easy to use


The Vielight X-Plus targets vital structures within your body: the cerebellum, thymus gland and nasal vascular area.

It can be combined with the Vielight Neuro as a complete brain-systemic photobiomodulation system.

A version of the X-Plus 3 was used in our covid-19 clinical trial for immunity and recovery.

In-depth explanation of X-Plus 3: Link

Target structureBenefit
  • Cerebellum
Improved balance and posture, limb coordination, motor learning.
  • Thymus gland
Improved immunity.
  • Nasal vascular area
Improved physical energy and fitness.
633 Red intranasal systemic PBM device

633 RED

The Vielight 633 Red is a compact personal photobiomodulation (PBM) device. Its 633 nm wavelength is ideal for systemic photobiomodulation.

The LED of the Vielight 633 Red releases non-coherent cold LED light that is bright red and visible to the human eye.

Wavelength633 nm LED
EffectsEnhance systemic health


Similar to the Vielight 633 Red, the Vielight 655 Prime emits a powerful beam within the visible red range in the electromagnetic spectrum.

However, the Vielight 655 Prime utilizes a cold laser beam instead of a LED beam. The efficacy is theoretically similar between the two models.

Wavelength655 nm Laser
EffectsEnhance systemic health
655 Prime intranasal systemic PBM device

Sports performance technology

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