The Vielight Neuro Pro

Stimulating the brain’s complex neural network in an optimal manner may require a high level of customizability and precision. To better explore and understand the effects of transcranial photobiomodulation (tPBM) on the brain, we developed the most advanced new tPBM system.

Meet the Vielight Neuro Pro. This is the world’s first programmable and connected tPBM device with a modular design approach. Designed for comprehensive brain stimulation, the Vielight Neuro Pro comes with 8 LED modules that cover the Default Mode Network, posterior and ventral brain areas.

The Neuro Pro comes with a user-friendly and intuitive app. The included pre-synced smartphone and mobile app enable customization of numerous parameters of the system’s modules. By adjusting a number of PBM parameters, like the pulse rate, power, pulse synchronicity/asynchronicity, etc, one can push the boundaries of brain photobiomodulation to new frontiers and discoveries.

The flexibility and range of programmable settings are a new approach to tPBM. This makes the Neuro Pro a highly useful device for any practitioner, researcher and prosumer interested in non-invasive brain stimulation and neuromodulation. Serious mediators and biohackers will also appreciate the customization options of the Neuro Pro system.

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