Our mission

We combine science and engineering ingenuity to develop unique photobiomodulation devices. Our goal is to improve one’s quality of life by continuously pushing the boundaries through innovation of the delivery of light energy into the brain and inner systems.

We are committed to exploring new theories and research that lead to the development of home-use personal devices that are safe, practical and effective for everyone. To achieve this end, we collaborate with knowledge leaders and major universities world-wide.

Who we are

The technology of Vielight dates back to 1995 in the Silicon Valley – when the founders, Dr. Lew Lim and a group of engineers explored the potential of intranasal photobiomodulation. Intranasal photobiomodulation devices were commercially developed in 2003, which were later trademarked as “Vielight” when the company was incorporated in 2011.

Over the years, our focus shifted towards the development of unique photobiomodulation devices which enhance cognition and performance, among other things.

Today, our team has since evolved into a formidable team of engineers, scientists and business professionals dedicated towards taking the technology to as many people as possible.

Our dedication to research

Attaining our goal of helping people through photobiomodulation would not be possible without the right people. That is why Vielight have gathered many bright minds from a diverse range of scientific backgrounds to continuously improve the efficacy of brain and systemic photobiomodulation technology.

We appreciate and recognize our esteemed research collaborators:

• Reza Zomorrodi, PhD (Temerty Centre for Therapeutic Brain Intervention at CAMH, University of Toronto)
• Margaret Naeser, PhD (Boston University School of Medicine, Boston VA Medical Center)
• Paula Martin, PhD (Boston University School of Medicine, Boston VA Medical Center)
• Michael Ho, PHD (Boston University School of Medicine, Boston VA Medical Center)
• Peter Juni, MD, FESC (University of Toronto)
• Corinne Fischer, MD (St Michael’s Hospital, University of Toronto)
• Jack Tuszynski, PhD (University of Alberta)
• Michael Staelens, PhD (Universty of Alberta)
• Aarat Kalra, PhD (Princeton University)
• David Tate, PhD (University of Utah)
• Elisabeth Wilde, PhD (University of Utah)
• Larry Carr, PhD (University of Utah)
• Michael Larson, PhD (Brigham Young University)
• Michael Hamblin, PhD (Harvard Medical School and University of Johannesburg)
• Praveen Arany, PhD, DDS (University at Bufallo)
• Jean Chen, PhD (Rotman Research Institute, University of Toronto)
• Linda Chao, PhD (University of California San Francisco)
• Julio C Rojas, MD, PhD (University of California San Francisco)
• Vincent Clark, PhD (University of New Mexico)
• Jay Sanguinetti, PhD (University of Arizona)
• Richard Gevirtz, PhD (Alliant International University)
• John Mitrofanis, PhD (University of Sydney)
• Shima Fardad, PhD (University of Kansas)


Dr. Lew Lim
Dr. Lew LimFounder & CEO
Dr Lew Lim, PhD, MBA, DNM, FCMA, CA(M), Grad Cert (Eng) is a Doctor of Natural Medicine, with graduate degrees, diplomas, certifications and professional credentials in engineering, neuroscience, business and accountancy. He obtained these from the University of California, Berkeley, Sheffield University, Duke University, Quantum University, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (UK) and others.

He is widely recognized as an expert on photobiomodulation (PBM), particularly in its application for brain functions and the effect on the immune system. He owns the largest number of worldwide issued and pending patents related to PBM as an individual.

Dr. Nazanin Hosseinkhah
Dr. Nazanin HosseinkhahResearch Manager and Physicist
Nazanin has a MSc in Physics and a PhD in Medical Biophysics from University of Toronto, located at Sunnybrook Hospital.

Naz leads our covid-19 pivotal clinical trial and manages research projects in collaboration with the University of Alberta and Baycrest Hospital.

Given her background in biophysics, Naz’s passion aligns with Vielight’s goal of discovering how light energy could be used optimally to positively impact human physiology.

Dr. Genane Loheswaran
Dr. Genane LoheswaranResearch Manager and Neuroscientist
Genane holds a MSc in Neuroscience from McMaster University and a PhD in Pharmacology from the University of Toronto.

Gena manages Vielight’s research projects with various organizations for cognitive science, such as combining photobiomodulation with EEG.

Gena is passionate about neuroscience and a strong believer in the potential of photobiomodulation for improving mental acuity and brain health.

Dr. Mahroo Karimpoor
Dr. Mahroo KarimpoorResearch Scientist
Mahroo has a MSc in Tissue Engineering and Biomaterial Sciences and a PhD in Pharmaceutical and Biomaterial Science from University College London in the UK.

Mahroo is investigating the potential beneficial effects of photobiomodulation in elderly cognition and brain aging. She also researches the effects of photobiomodulation on neuro-oscillations.

Her interest in tissue engineering has lead her to find ways on how light energy could affect cellular mechanisms.

Dr. Zara Abbaspour, MD
Dr. Zara Abbaspour, MDClinical Research Manager
Zara is a medical doctor. She has a post-doctorate from the Psychiatry Department at Isfahan University of Medical science in collaboration with Freiburg University of Medical Science, Psychiatry department.

Dr. Abbaspour is involved in the research of the interactions of neurons with NIR energy and the corresponding effects on memory and mental acuity.

As a doctor, she is interested in the potential of photobiomodulation to address neurodegenerative diseases.

Dr. Janine Liburd
Dr. Janine LiburdClinical Trial Manager and Scientist
Janine holds a PhD in Biochemistry from Queens University, Ontario. Janine has been a part of Vielight since its founding.

Presently, she manages and handles Vielight’s pivotal Alzheimer’s disease clinical trial – including protocol planning, recruitment and operations.

Janine utilizes her decade-long experience in the field of photobiomodulation to help further discoveries.

Dr. Neda Rashidi-Ranjbar
Dr. Neda Rashidi-RanjbarResearch Scientist
Neda is a medical doctor by training from Tehran University of Medical Science and a PhD candidate in Medical Science at University of Toronto. She received her MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience from Trento University, Italy.

Neda is conducting her PhD project at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), as part of the largest-ever funded study for Alzheimer’s in Canada. She investigates MRI and fMRI scans in the Alzheimer’s and at-risk population.


Lew Lim
Lew LimFounder & CEO
Dr Lew Lim is widely recognized as an expert on photobiomodulation (PBM), particularly in its application for brain functions and the effect on the immune system. He owns the largest number of worldwide issued and pending patents related to PBM as an individual.
Glynn Jones
Glynn JonesChief Financial Officer
Glynn is a Chartered Professional Accountant who trained at Ernst & Whinney and KPMG, and has many years experience in public practice and in senior financial positions at private and public companies, as well as in the University and non-profit sectors in British Columbia. He moved to Toronto and joined Vielight in 2013.
Peter Adams
Peter AdamsVP, Business Development
Peter has worked in executive, consulting and management positions both internationally and in Canada, in large corporations and startups. He has also worked as a consultant at Fortune 500 companies. His current focus is on early-market development for Vielight Inc.

Marketing and Analytics

Dominic Jake King Lim
Dominic Jake King LimOperations Director
Dominic graduated with a BSc. in Mathematics from Wilfrid Laurier University.

He is involved in company operations, spanning from facilitating operational plans, strategic initiatives, part-time web development and social media engagement.

Austin Ganesh
Austin GaneshProduct Coordinator
Austin has a HBSc from the University of Toronto and an MMgt from the Schulich School of Business.

Austin’s responsibilities as the Product Coordinator at Vielight include facilitating operational plans, providing backend support, and supporting business development.

Mingyang Chen
Mingyang ChenQuality and Product Technologist
Mingyang is a Quality and Product Engineer at Vielight. He holds a BEng and a MEng in Materials Engineering from McGill University.

Mingyang conducted research at the McGill Additive Manufacturing Laboratory applying Laser Powder Bed Fusion technology on aircraft components. He has expertise in engineering design, materials characterization, and Lean Six Sigma.

Peter Kusiak
Peter KusiakSports Manager and Regulatory Associate
Peter has a HBSc from University of Toronto, and Graduate Certificate in A.I. from Durham College.

Peter is involved in sports market development and works with product and quality teams to address regulatory projects.

Liyao Ji
Liyao JiManager, Quality and Regulatory Affairs
Liyao is the Manager, Quality and Regulatory Affairs at Vielight. She takes the lead in quality assurance and regulatory projects. She has a master of science degree from McGill University with a focus on biotechnology.

Liyao is a certified Regulatory Affairs professional and holds the Regulatory Affairs Certificate (RAC-Device) issued by Regulatory Affairs Professional Society (RAPS).

Amy Zhang
Amy ZhangQuality System and Projects Engineer
Amy holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada.

She is a licensed professional engineer with over a decade of experience in mechanical engineering. Her expertise lies in project coordination and management, regulatory documentation, mechanical engineering design, mechanical property testing, and stress/fatigue analysis through FEA.

In her role, Amy is dedicated to ensuring that our medical device quality management systems (QMS) comply with industry standards and regulations, while also ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget.

Rico Petrini
Rico PetriniSports Performance Consultant
Rico Petrini holds a specialty dual major from Oregon State University in Business Administration and Communications. While at Oregon State, Rico also was a 4-year starter on the Football team, an ALL-League selection at Linebacker, and Team MVP.

Rico’s primary passion is an interest in neuro-tech studies, research, and performance. His responsibilities at Vielight include matching our extensive line of products with the best solution to maximize potential in sports, cognitive support, or optimal systemic wellness & recovery.

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